Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Neverending November

Quick post to let you all know I'll be back with photos over the weekend. "No Sleep November" as I've dubbed this month continues so I'm too tired to post anything coherent. We did sneak the kids on the scale today when they got their second set of shots (I broke up the 2 month shots). Looks like Ned is now 12 lbs! That is 1.5 lbs in less than two weeks. Wow. Penny is only at a little over 10 lbs - not even a pound increase. I think her afternoon and bedtime feeding strikes aren't helping but since she's gaining weight I can't complain. There was a set of identical boys in the waiting room just 6 days old. It really showed me how far my little ones have come in terms of size and personality. I'm also napping when they do in the morning which should help.

Kudos to Donna who has to deal with no sleep and working! I know things will get better - I wrote the last post while I was too tired.


Stacey said...

Do you find your muscles growing to keep up with the weight gain? :-)

H said...

I know in your world November is currently neverending, but in my world this month has gone in a blink!