Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tummy Time Techniques

I would not say that either of my kids likes tummy time.  But we are working on ways to make it more fun (and less screaming). 

One favorite is of course lying on Mommy or Husband's chest.  Another favorite is when we hold a child up on the couch to look over the window.  That counts, right? 

Ned has discovered that little friends nearby make tummy time a little less stressful. 

And sometimes looking at another baby helps - even if it is your sibling!


Stacey said...

Look at how active they are! I bet you can't wait until they are mobile. **evil laugh** I love Penny's outfit when she's looking out the window.

Nancy said...

AHH! so, so cute :) I love Nate looking at his buddies.