Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twin Time Discounts - Husband in Charge

Thanksgiving was nice and quiet at my parents' house.  My mom made a great turkey and butternut squash and apple pie.  Husband made stuffing and mash potatoes.  Usually we go to Ohio but tickets were ridiculously expensive and we are not up for travelling with the kids yet.  I managed to scarf down dinner and 2 pieces of pie while the kids slept and we got home in time for their normal bedtime.  They also saw their first fire (gas).  

On Black Friday Husband was in charge of the kids after their 11 am feeding.  I went shopping - hitting only a few select stores.  The plan was for me to get home by bedtime since I was supposed to meet a work friend (who lives in New York) for drinks.  Unfortunately she had to do an emergency SEC filing so we are going to meet for lunch on Saturday.  I have had to work every Thanksgiving at the Firm (ask my in-laws) except this one.  You'd think I could get more "holiday" stuff done but I'm much busier and sleep deprived than even when I was on active bid/deals at Thanksgiving.  

Kohl's by far had the best deals and I got some toys for the kids and items for Husband.  Since we are not getting each other gifts (although we need new cell phones) I will let Husband unwrap all the kid gifts.  Given how many clothes they have in the 3-6 month range I am boycotting kid clothing.  Of course Babies R Us had zero deals. 

Because I was home early (by their 3 pm feeding) that meant Husband didn't get the trial by fire I was hoping for.  Penny napped for 3 hours in the afternoon for him but he used the swing a lot to get the kids to keep sleeping.  It is frustrating that although we both read the Healthy Sleep Habits book I am the one that constantly has to remind him of the rules (no swings - put in crib).  I keep telling him that I don't know any more than him so he needs to be as engaged as I am.  Husband also doesn't do chores when he is watching the kids - emptying the dishwasher, loading bottles, laundry.  It kind of sucks that he can just have fun with the kids while that waits for me - not fair.  Or he does other things like research deals on convertible car seats.  Important but sometimes I just want to come home to see the laundry folder and dishes done. 

Ned had not had a poop since Monday so I was getting nervous and going to call the pediatrician on Monday.  It "resolved" itself on Husband's watch.  He took photos that he really wants me to put up (he got the camera ready anticipating that it was coming soon).  I will spare you all.    

Husband is also way into Wii Fit that he got for me but I never have time for (see chores point above).  Penny enjoys watching Daddy do balancing games. 


Liz Jimenez said...

I feel like that's a pretty common husband/dad thing. You set them to one job: take care of the kids. It doesn't occur to them to do anything else. Sigh...

Oh, and as much of a Weissbluth devotee that I am, I did not stick hard and fast to the sleep-in-the-crib rule when they were still little. Anything before 4 or 5 months, in my book, is fair game. If they need the swing or the bouncy, so be it. :-) Most of those things they dropped pretty easily as they got older.

Rebecca said...

My rule with the kids at that age was "do whatever you need to to get them to sleep". They only napped in the swings for months, then we transitioned to the cribs. They did fine. I don't think Weissbluth understands the craziness of newborn twins.

Rhonda said...

My kids napped in their swings until around 6 months. It was a fairly easy transition to napping in their cribs, so if swings means sleep, then go for it.

I hear you about husband not getting anything else done when he's in charge. Now that the girls are 3, he pretty much lets them take the house apart as long as they stay quiet and leave him alone. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

correction -- (i instead of y). And some of the marathon seats are even $189.