Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting - To Return to Work

Well, it was a fluke. Or maybe Ned was trying to get in one extra feeding overnight so he'd weigh more this afternoon when I take him to the pediatrician. Husband said it was easy to put them down on Monday night - Ned fell asleep after only 3 ounces so he was up at 1:30 am, Penny at 4 am, Ned at 6 am, both at 8 am.... Mommy, Esq. is tired.

I walked with the kids to vote - it is a beautiful fall day. It was too busy at the polls (but no wait) for me to ask someone to take our photo. Lots of the nice older women and high school kids who manned the polls oohed and awed over how cute they are. Interesting that the only elections where I had options were the Presidential race and ballot initiatives. All other "local" posts were unopposed.

Last night I went to a cocktail party for the Finance Department at the Firm. Just some basic hors d'oeuvres and wine. I brought photos of the kids and for the first time was able to trade small talk about children. The event was to honor two senior associates who just made partner and to welcome some new associates visiting from one of our foreign offices. It is a little frightening that there is only one other associate more senior than I am in the department. Since some other associates I thought would make partner in the private equity group didn't it is good that they have confidence in our department and are trying to retain talent.

One nice thing about attending is that I made it clear I was actively pursuing nannies and that I was definitely returning after my six month leave. For obvious lifestyle reasons many women choose to find other career paths after having kids. I like to keep myself visible so they don't forget I'm coming back. Since the finance market is shaky (to say the least) I'm out at a relatively good time. Lots of novel contract interpretations to avoid consents/amendments (since I represent primarily borrowers) but no real "deals" happening at the moment.

I do see the conflict between wanting to have kids and raising them with the morals and values my husband and I hold and having most of their daily exposure to someone else's. Most of their waking hours during the week will be with a nanny. I want to pick someone who shares our parenting outlook but to be honest I'm not sure yet what that is - we are still in survival mode.

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