Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grammy Inspired Breakthrough?

On Saturday my mom watched the kids while Husband and my dad put up a very cute ceiling fan (with safari animal blades) in the kids' room and I escaped for lunch and pointless shopping (found nothing) with Helen. 

On the way home I called to say I'd be home soon.  The following conversation took place:

"[Mommy, Esq.] you'll never believe it!"
"Ned has been napping for TWO HOURS and has NOT woken up once!"
"[Grammy], that's incredible, I've never had him sleep that long in his crib."
"Oh, well, he's in his swing..."

Hee!  For a mom of multiple herself that was all about structure (feedings, sleeping, cribs) she certainly has embraced the role of indulgent grandmother.  

Poor Ned is getting lots of mixed messages right now since I'm the only one consistently enforcing the nap routine although I do allow the swing for the first AM nap (but never the post-"lunch" nap).  [Side Note:  To respond to Jersey Girl, Weissbluth says 1 hour only CIO for naps (then do it again next nap as necessary); unlimited for bedtime - I can't do 1 hour and think 30 mins is militant enough but will probably increase in a few more weeks.]  My sister Allie said she couldn't do CIO at this age (3.5 months) - she was still too hormonal.  I find it hard to listen to Ned cry (only Ned has required any CIO) so I busy myself doing chores.  But I'm so sleep deprived that last night I dreamt that I was instructing caregivers to let him cry it out.  Husband thinks that if I'm dreaming about CIO and getting Ned to sleep that I really need it to happen soon. 

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Donna said...

I still have not done CIO with DS2 and he is 7 mos. I just can't handle the idea of DS1 waking up too! I say forget all structure and let him nap in the swing. Then do the CIO at night. At least you can get some rest then. But heck, what do I know? DS2 is covered with some kind of allergic rash and I am stressing about it! Good luck!