Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Husband!

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary.  On the fifth we were down partying in Washington, D.C. (sorry, Ned and Penny - didn't realize you had been conceived already!).  This year Husband made me waffles (his speciality) and took care of the kids in the morning so I could rest.  Penny watched us eat our waffles (Ned was already down for a nap) and it felt very right to finally have kids with us on our anniversary.  

On December 26, 2002 there was a massive snowstorm much like what we got the other week.  The snow froze to the trees making a picture-perfect winter wedding but fortunately didn't interfere with guests arriving from around the country.  

Here is a photo of the church from that morning that my dad took (the rest of the pictures were by our professional photographer).  This is the church that my grandparents (my dad's) and my parents were married in.  And the same church that I was baptised in.  Church records show that members of my family tree have attended the church since it was built. 

Waiting for Husband to arrive at my parents' house to see me in my finery:

Formal portraits - done prior to the wedding (best decision we made):

We have this one in poster size hanging in our dining room - yes, Husband drank the beer:

My dad walking me down the aisle:

Giving our vows:

We rang the church bells after we were married:

Calla lilies was our wedding "theme".  We put this drawing on the envelopes that Husband spent hours addressing (via computer) and our wedding program:

It has been a wonderful six years.  I like the part of marriage were you do things together - we became full fledged adults together (jobs, mortgage) and now parents.  



Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I'm sorry I couldn't be there.

Nancy said...

Awww! You looked so beautiful!! And happy :)

Happy Anniversary! :)

T. said...

Happy Anniversary!!! It was such a beautiful day.

H said...

Like it was yesterday....and I can't believe we were all early and killing time at the wedding.

Anonymous said...

How well we remember that day and all the beautiful snow--a perfect wedding. Thanks for the reminder and Happy Anniversary to the whole Gerrick family! love, Mimi

Gretchen said...

Such a wonderful wedding - congratulations on your anniversary!!!

Donna said...

Beautiful photos! We too were married in December of 2002. We were married at home in front of the Christmas tree. It was a small wedding but I still regret not getting a professional photographer. Happy Anniversary!