Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Highlights of a Grandparent Visit

My in-laws were awesome.  And I'm not just saying that because they read this blog.  They are soooo attentive to the kids which the kids clearly respond to (and it absolutely spoils them of course).  Penny took most of her bottles from one grandparent or the other and Ned spent a lot of time playing with his Grandpa.   A few special memories: 
  • Being dupped by Penny's bright smile into letting her up early from naps. 
  • Trying to get Ned to smile while the photographer was over. 
  • Stories about Husband as a baby - who apparently did not sleep - AT ALL - as a baby and did not sleep through the night until he was 5 years old.  Shudder. 
  • The number of times Debi had to change Penny's whole outfit after a blowout.  One day she had her third outfit on before noon.  
  • Yummy homemade chocolate cake.  
  • Mounds of laundry folded by Debi.
  • Bill-the-Baby-Whisperer so comfortable that Ned had to take a FOURTH nap before bed. 
  • Grandparents who are convinced their grandkids are the most special grandkids ever.  Agreed. 
  • Mommy, Esq. considering converting the guest bedroom into an in-law haven.  Are they sure they have to go back home?
Esq. Tykes Board Meeting:

Grandpa plays with Penny:

Watching Cash Cab before bed:

Playing with Grandma:

Snuggle with Daddy:

Her shirt says it all:


ABS said...

How precious. I'm glad you had a nice visit despite all of the sleeping issues.

Anonymous said...

So cute! All the photos are so cute. Looking forward to seeing you after Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You may be ok with the in-law-suite, but my wonderful son may not be. We enjoyed every minute of the visit; even changing all the dirty diapers was ok. Thanks for sharing the babies with us.

Neve said...

Penny is totally flirting with the camera in that last picture. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are happier today--wonderful pictures, and we really envy Aaron's parents for their special time with the twins. . .lots of love, Mimi

Nancy said...

Oh they're getting so BIG!! Great pictures and wonderful memories :)

Jordan said...

Penny looks WAY too interested in Cash Cab