Sunday, December 14, 2008

Managing My Expectations

Today we are having a photographer come to the house to do a family portrait.  It is our Christmas gift to ourselves and the grandparents/great grandparents.  In typical Mommy, Esq. fashion I instructed the photographer to come at 10 am to set up.  The kids eat at 11 am and then they are happy until about 12:30 pm when they go down for a nap.  I thought this would be easier than going to a studio and trying to feed/change the kids there - albeit more expensive.  

Ned (who was a beast last night and got up many times) and Penny are not listening to Mommy, Esq.'s schedule.  Granted, this schedule is based on their rhythms but today they decided that after their initial 45 min nap (until 9:45 am) they would not go back to sleep despite being deposited into the swings.  My in-laws are visiting - the kids hear their voices and want to play. 

Don't the tykes know they need to be pleasant and cooperative for the photos?  That this will record a time in their lives forever?  That Mommy, Esq. will be very disappointed if we can't get them both smiling and happy in multiple photographs? 

I'll detail the shoot later - and if Grandma is willing to take some pictures I'll put some up of the kids in their cute Christmas outfits. 

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Liz Jimenez said...

Good luck! Best laid plans, eh? :-)