Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Esq. Tykes Are Ready For Their Close-Ups

Ned took a better nap than Penelope but he was very serious during the photoshoot.  She did well with her smiles but of course when Ned finally smiled she did not.  But through the magic of photoshop Keith (the photographer) promises we'll have some cute photos - even if he has to "swap heads".  I was laughing thinking of the kids heads on our shoulders and ours on theirs.  

Here are some photos that my mother-in-law took of the Esq. family.   As you can see Ned really only smiles when there are toys dangling over his head.  Mommy, Esq. jumped around like an idiot for about 30 mins trying to get the kids to smile.  Also wiping up spit-up and drool - spit-up actually comes out of velvet very easily.  Penny's dress is from Gymboree and her tights (they have red "shoes" on them (adorable)) are from the Gap.  Ned's pants, socks and turtleneck are Gap and vest is Gymboree.  The corduroy pants have a zipper and snap; no "diaper" snaps - real grown-up pants!

I had to scrounge for clothes - so many were put away during the pregnancy and I have no idea where certain things are.  They fit but I have to admit I'm not happy with the "twin-skin" pouch that has taken up permanent residence. 

I have to say, however, that the tykes were very calm and didn't cry.  Calm babies are good too.  So are ones that are hopefully (?!) taking an awesome nap right now, tuckered out from their first modeling stint - oh, wait, I hear Ned, exactly 45 mins - I swear he can read the clock in their bedroom.  Time to plop him in the swing.  [See how I ended up making this about sleep - I have a one track mind these days.]


Nancy said...

What great pictures!! And those aren't even the "professional" ones. wow.

I totally laughed out loud at your mental image of the swapped heads. You should totally ask Keith to do that LOL!

T. said...

There has got to be a "cutest baby contest" somewhere around here - the tykes would win hands down! I love their outfits!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! wonderful pictures--have been thinking of you all--be sure to have FUN! and, of course, the tykes are adorable! lots of love, Mimi and Papa

ABS said...

So cute. It cracked me up to see Ned sort of falling onto Penny.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

Those are great pictures! I feel like we have to choose between pictures in which Harry is looking at the camera and ones in which he is smiling -- he is easily distracted.

And the outfits look great on them. Very festive.