Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Penelope's Chapter

Penny slept through the night last night!  

She went to sleep after eating only 4 ounces (which was a struggle) at 7:15 pm.  Husband gave her an ounce or two at 11 pm that she slept through and I woke her just before 7 am.  I was worried about her (the whole not eating thing) so I checked on her at 5:30 am and she was okay.  She was a bit restless when I fed Ned around 3 am but a pacifier was quietly slipped in to do the trick.  We'll see if she continues the trend tonight.  If she keeps it up for a few days then maybe I'll start pumping after I feed Ned.  It takes me so long to fall asleep after I get up for him anyway.  

Unfortunately Penny and I had bad breastfeeding sessions today but she chowed on her afternoon bottle (7 ounces!).  Looks like my sweet P is telling me she doesn't want to BF any more - she's been difficult for about a week.  I've heard that some kids make a clear choice around 3 months (bottle over breast).  Since I'm worried about how much she's been eating I'm going to do all bottles for the next few days to confirm there isn't any acid reflux issue. 

I'm sad that we won't have our bonding time when I breastfeed but I want her to be happy and healthy and fighting with her to eat on the breast takes a lot out of both of us.  I may try again after a break of a day or two and I'll definitely BF her if she wakes up in the middle of the night. 

Guess that means you're stuck with more mommy BF time, Ned.  You're a lucky little guy. 

New item I've been stressing about - we use pre-made formula. That comes in plastic bottles - which means there could be BPA issues.  Ned's comes in cans so I assume there isn't the same issue (but Penny's are in bottles).  Did you all also hear about the melamine in all formula.  Yikes.  Good to keep finding ways to ratchet up my guilt level!


Anonymous said...

cheers for Penny and love the Mohawk

LauraC said...

What a great gift after "no sleep November"!!

Anonymous said...

I think Penny sees Christmas right around the corner, and she's trying to get on Santa's good list.