Saturday, December 6, 2008

Recession Tapas

Husband has been on a leftover kick.  As a rule I hate leftovers.  Usually I make Husband eat them all.  However, I've been growing (in a culinary manner) thanks to a voracious (breastfeeding?) hunger, inability to easily leave the house with the twins sleeping and cheapness.  If he prepares the leftovers (no way I'm eating them cold) then I will eat them. 

Last night Husband started us with using up crackers in the cabinet with cheese from the fridge.  Second course was crab cakes - he had prepared them earlier in the week and they just needed to be pan seared.  Third course was leftover steak from steak sandwiches (recipe from Theresa at BostonDish) cut up for small steak salads (my idea - spinach leaves, red onion, goat cheese and croutons for Husband).  Finally we had small baked potatoes because we always have too many potatoes hanging around our kitchen.  

The key is to enjoy with a bottle of wine which we did.  Husband decided it would be more fun to call them "tapas" and since it was a "scrounging" kind of dinner he coined the term "recession tapas".  I confirmed via google that no one has ever used the term "recession tapas" before.  Maybe he should trademark the name and start a cookbook - consider this post "prior art"!*

*Obviously I am a law geek.  But I am dangerous when it is only bits of law I can remember from the bar exam. 


Anonymous said...

How about copyright 2008? Copyrights don't have to be registered to count.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! I, too, have had an aversion to leftovers for years. One year, my new years resolution was no doggie bags -- because they died a slow death in the fridge. I get around it by re-inventing dishes into something that doesn't look like the original dish. But, sometimes, you have leftovers of the leftovers ... it never ends!

T. said...

We've also starting eating leftovers - very unusual for us! I will be using the term recession tapas going forward...and aren't those steak sandwiches so good? We've made them so many times over the last few months. They never get old!

Nancy said...

I think the key to enjoying most meals is a bottle of wine ;)

LOVE the name!! And I'm with you...takes a lot to get me to eat leftovers...much to Mike's delight since that means he gets to bring great things to work with him for lunch LOL