Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Little Piggy

Every night I give the tykes foot massages to help stave off the crankies at the witching hour.  This has lead me to examine their toes very closely. 

Husband and I have "normal" toes.  The second toe is shorter than the big toe.  There are no weird small nails or toes that turn in.  However, the kids seem to have gotten Morton's toe - probably from one of their grandfathers.  I don't quite understand - I would have though that normal toes would be the dominate gene.  Ned even has a toe that turns inward.  No flipflops or sandals for these kids!

The Esq. tykes have been doing some new things these last few days - making sure to fit in new activities before they turn 4 months.
  • Ned has been kicking the footpedals on his FisherPrice Aquarium Bouncey Chair very deliberately.  Sometimes he gets his foot stuck outside the pole.  
  • Penny has been playing with toys while on her tummy on the Bopi.  They have both actually SMILED while on their stomachs.   The kids do about 10-15 mins 3 times a day on their tummies and they can lift their heads pretty high and for most of it.  
  • Ned scrunches his legs up and sticks up his butt while on his tummy.  He even pivots a little. 
  • Ned can support a little weight on his legs. 
  • Penny is specific about how she grabs for toys - preferring to grab legs and ears of an elephant she plays with (the one from the earlier post with her grandfather). 
  • Ned's eyes seem to be changing color.  They are turning hazel from the inside near the pupil outward. 
Ned is tuckered out from our play group - he falls asleep in the car and stays asleep - sometimes up to 3 hours (!), with his monkey securely tucked under his arm. 

Penny with Grammie the day of the big storm.  She loves grabbing necklaces. 
Playing together on Saturday morning:

Quite the little man:


H said...

I think I feel personally persecuted over the toe comments- people with "non normal" toes are people too. And we even where flip flops, and haven't been run out of town yet, so HA!

Nancy said...

Oh I love these pictures!! They're so cute :) And you got a shot with them BOTH smiling (laughing??). Awesome :) That piggie shot is cute too!

T. said...

I agree with Helen on this "normal toe" talk.

Gretchen said...

I always thought having a longer second toe gave me certain advantages - for instance, wearing pointy-toed shoes is much easier!

Love the piggie shot - totally snapfish that into some sort of card or something. Very artsy.

Anonymous said...

In case you want to add to your list, I think Husband's to blame for the cross-over toes, too - my pinky toes cross over the ones next to them. I think it makes us special! :)

Anonymous said...

I am also another who is sadly "afflicted" with the terrible "condition" called Morton's Toe. However, I plan to Live Strong and continue wearing open-toe shoes, sandals, and flip-flops (weather permitting).

ABS said...

Oh my goodness. So darn cute. Look at the chubby little feet and toes!! I have very short toes and fingers and tiny toenails (the pinky toenails are practically nonexistent).

You must be excited to see your sisters and Finn! I wonder how he'll do with the babies?? I'm sure A. is very interested to see!