Monday, December 1, 2008

When Moths Attack

Must be the odd warm spell but the moths are everywhere - and sneaking into our house. 

While we were putting the kids to bed tonight I mentioned to Husband "Long four-day weekend, huh? I bet you were glad to be back in the office." (He spent some blocks of time each day alone with the tykes but never a feeding.) Husband replied "Yes, I told people it was relaxing to be at work." I remarked how that I do this EVERY DAY. Husband told me in all seriousness that if I wanted to go back to work before the six months were up he'd understand and that I wouldn't be a bad mommy. Hee! Of course I won't be going back a day sooner than I have to but it is nice to know Husband is finally getting an inkling of how hard this is. In return I promised not to give him too many instructions ("I do it this way"..."You may want to...") when he's in charge of the kids.


T. said...

We have moths too...all over our back door and in our backyard. Gross! Scout likes to chase them and eat them.

Krissy said...

My husband just spent the whole weekend with the kids minus me. It was the first time in 18 months that he was really, truly in charge of them overnight and all day. They never left the house, but all seemed to have had a great time! Doesn't hurt that the kids napped for 4 hours on Saturday! Go dad!

Pretty soon your husband will be a pro at solo-feedings and you can give eachother longer breaks away from the house.

However, he did not seem sad to be heading off to work this morning!

Stacey said...

You should have seen the bugs we had to deal with in Charlottesville. Gross! Charlie also likes to chase bugs but he doesn't do anything with them once he puts a paw over them. Glad to hear that Aaron appreciates your daily routine. It's hard to be the mom, especially with twins!

Nancy said...

ewwww. That's a lot of moths.

And isn't it great when husbands finally realize how difficult it is? :)