Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Season Firsts

We had our first Esq. tyke fever.  Poor Penny had a fever of 100.8 when I came home from making Christmas cookies.  Fortunately she ate and slept well with the Nanny - although she was a bear trying to get to eat at night.  I'm starting to rethink this reflux - far too many screaming bedtime bottle nights.  If Penny were eating better bedtime for both by myself would be fine but she is horrible pretty much every night.  We'll be talking to the pediatrician about that!  Tylenol seems to be the best bet (after talking to the nurse) and her fever has come down some.  

Husband is also on his first overnight business trip - scheduled to come home Friday afternoon.  Except we are supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow so I don't think he'll be coming home until Saturday.  Good thing my mom is around and said she'd spend the night tomorrow to help out (and she did bedtime with me tonight).  

I wanted to mention that Ned has been sleeping very well for naps - because I have been (gasp!) putting him on his tummy.  I check on him often and he turns his head/lifts it well so I'm not too worried.  He also has been grabbing and snuggling with his monkey blanket - tucks it under his arm (not near his face).  It is very cute.  He's been all smiles which is awesome.  Too bad he often breaks off breastfeeding to smile at me.  What does he think this is - a water fountain? :)

Sorry, Ned - a few Penny pictures for the crew.  I'll make sure to get some shots of my little man this weekend. 


H said...

god, she looks huge. And yet again, the first one she looks like a "person".

Anonymous said...

I love ALL the new pics!!!

And shhh, don't tell the parenting police: I used to let both Josh and Alex take naps on their bellies. :-O

ABS said...

Such a pretty little princess!

Neve said...

I bet that's it! As soon as that little man can roll from his back to his tummy you'll have a tummy sleeper at night and then he'll sleep "like a baby"...correction, he'll sleep great :)

Gretchen said...

OMG, love Penny's sweater dress!

A. said...

I'm with G. - love the sweater dress!!!