Friday, January 30, 2009

They Did It!

Ned and Penny slept through the night! Ned and Penny slept through the night! They went down at 7 pm and woke up around 6:20 am although Penny seemed like she had been up for a while before that (since Ned is on his tummy he lets you know when he is awake).

How did Mommy, Esq. do? Well, Husband came to bed around 3 am (he was working late on a presentation) and the cat puked at 5 am but I slept well except for those 2 wake ups. If we can get Husband and Scotia to sleep through the night I may manage a real 7 hr stretch of sleep before I go back to work.

It seems like Ned has been waking up the other nights at 3 or 4 am because of a "diaper project" he wants to work on in the middle of the night. That didn't happen last night based on this morning's diaper change. Despite the Cry It Out I've been doing for about a week I had actually planned on changing his diaper in the middle of the night if he woke up last night to see if my theory of why he was still waking up was correct. Let's hope the middle of the night "project management" doesn't come back. I do wonder though - if he is pooping at 3 or 4 am do I make him CIO (as I was doing) or change his diaper? Not really something he can "control" is it?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scammed (Almost)

I've been sick the last few days and the kids have been up way too early (6 am, ugh) so I haven't really felt like blogging. But then I had a little adventure this morning - so much excitement in like 30 mins!

The kids were on their playmat and I decided to login to Facebook. My friend Natalie said hello and then said that she was in London at a resort and had her wallet stolen. First I (wrote) asked if she was okay and if she had her passport - yes. Then I asked if she needed help calling credit card companies - also a yes. But then she said she needed money wired. I said yes and where could I wire it and when the answer was "online Western Union" I realized that it was odd that Natalie was at a resort and why couldn't she just get money from her bank? They would wire it. She travels a lot internationally for work but never calls them resorts. I called her work number and her VM message didn't say she was out of the office. So I asked Natalie to tell me something only I would know and she said FOH - which stands for Friends of Helen. Meanwhile two other friends were "chatting" with me about how they had been contacted by Natalie for money. I was even more suspicious so I asked Natalie what the name of her dog was growing up. "Natalie" immediately went offline. Anyway, here is an article on the scam. I tried to find someone live to talk to on Facebook but couldn't so I reported it via a form they have. After all this work to convince Natalie to join Facebook and this happens!

Husband was in the shower when this all went down and he was glad my instincts were to probe deeper. I'm a lawyer - it's all about the facts! I also know that if I said to Husband - Natalie needs me to wire $700 (the amount they asked for) he'd also be suspicious.

This reminds me a little of the first time I fell for the "I just need some money to get a bus" scam in D.C. People were always asking for money in D.C. It is very hard to deal with person-to-person. It is one thing to give over a couple of dollars and another to wire $700!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Five Months

The kids turned five months on Sunday. We have had a lovely couple of months. Ned is on his way to sleeping through the night (too soon to count it as a success) and Penny is learning to stand up for herself. They are eating solid food (if baby food can really count as solid), napping pretty well and very chatty. Every day their feet seem bigger and they seem stronger. They both grab for toys and don't complain too loudly during tummy time.

To my wonderful kids:

Ned: You are the most squeezable, kissable tyke. Sometimes I worry I might actually eat you up. I love when you smile at me from behind the bottle or gurgle with laughter when I seek out your neck "honey". You are standing with help all the time but refuse to recreate the roll that surprised me. I love your soft, spikey hair that is growing in. You have the exact eyelashes as your Daddy. You are a champion snuggler and need extra snuggles after your third nap.

Penny: You love your jumperoo and I have such fun putting you in it. You are always distracted by the world as you eat your bottle. Sometimes I think you will be Little Miss Particular when it comes to sleeping and eating (like your Auntie Stacey) but you love fruits and sleep very well. You are the Houdini of socks - they never stay on since you are always rubbing your feet together. There is no smile sweeter than the one you give me when I come to get you out of your crib - and you always open your eyes wide like you are surprised and stretch out big once you are unwrapped from your swaddle. You like to play alone on the playmat but also to get "kisses" from Ned when we fly him at you. No matter how tired you are (and ready for a nap) you always have a smile for your Mommy. You are always patient when Ned is fussing and wants to be held. You are truly Daddy's little girl and he likes to snuggle with you.

I hope you two become friends but for now you seem to be intrigued to have someone else's eye to poke out!

Cut It Out, Brother!

On Thursday I mentioned that I wanted Penny to stand up for herself and tell Ned to let her sleep. Well, believe it or not she completely busted out with a New Noise on Friday. Husband and I were laughing all evening about the New Noise - very loud and screechy for a little girl who is often very quiet (except for the constant Snuffleupagus snuffles). At first this was a happy, talky noise but she's learning to incorporate it into her crying. Not sure I like that! Husband thinks she might be part dolphin.

Ned was listening to his sister since he only cried a little bit (on and off, no big crying jag) on Friday night in the 4 am and 5 am hour! Penny was actually up at 1 am crying but a pacifier did the trick. She was probably a little hungry since she ate terribly all day and at bedtime on Friday night. Although the acid reflux meds have helped she is still a little hit or miss in the eating department.

On Saturday night Ned only woke up for a brief cry (I wouldn't even call it "crying") around 3:40 am. I pretty much was up after that - got to figure out how I can sleep through the night.

Let's hope tonight brings lots of continued good sleeping for the tykes. And maybe in a few days I'll be able to sleep through the night too!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Like a Bandaid

Ned was in the room on Wednesday when Nanny and I were discussing how Penny was going to roll over soon.  When she's on her back she arches and rolls to her side - so she'll probably roll back to front first.  But little Mr. Center Of Attention decided to preempt (without any indication) and roll from front to back during a playdate on Thursday.  One second I'm looking at him on his tummy, next he's on his back.  Thank goodness all the other moms saw it or I swear I wouldn't have believed it happened. 

So, Ned can roll.  He eats 2 solid meals a day and lots of ounces of formula.  He weighs at least 14 lbs (based on Husband putting him on our not-very-accurate bathroom scale) and is 5 months old.  Why is this kid NOT SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT?  I haven't posted about this but Penny has been sleathily sleeping through the night with an occassional set back when her acid reflux meds expired and she went back to her "eating almost nothing" ways for a few days before we figured it out.  [Note: just a warning for other moms who have their kids on Prilosec that is compounded - the compounding in liquid is really only supposed to be good for a few weeks (our bottles say 1 month).  Also, thanks to advice from Nanny we now hold Penny's nose when giving her the liquid so she doesn't spit it up. Works great once you get over feeling like somehow you're going to suffocate your kid (you won't)]. 

I am fed up with Ned's stubborness and decided it is time to CRY IT OUT.  Ned seems to "snack" more than eat in the middle of the night anyway.  It's been so easy to just let him snack back to sleep and I love when his head nuzzles into me when I move him back into his crib.  But I sure as heck don't want to be getting up in the middle of the night when I'm waking up at 6 am to get ready for work and honestly although we were making him CIO to not eat before 2 am it didn't seem like a clear message (he can't read a clock after all).  

I was going to wait until we saw the pediatrician next week just to check in with her (Penny is doing a 5 month weight check) but last night after bolstering from my playdate moms whose kids have been sleeping through the night since they were all 8 weeks old and a large glass of wine I decided to go for it.  

At 2 am Ned woke up (it is usually anywhere between 1:30 and 3:30 am).  Husband gave pacifier and we agree no more interference.  Ned cried.  And cried.  And cried.  But the "I'm angry no one is paying attention to me"; not the "hurt" type crying.  Man, this kid is LOUD.  He regularly wakes Penny up when I make him stay in his crib for 1.5 hrs for his morning nap (he prefers 1 hr our less).  She naps in the next room with doors closed.  I can hear him without a monitor in the furthest point in our house from their bedroom.  That's how loud he is.  Of course last night he woke Penny up so when he took breaks from crying I could hear her whimper a little but she eventually went back to sleep. 

After about an hour he started taking longer breaks between crying.  Around 3:30 am he stopped.  I of course couldn't get to sleep until about 5 am and they were up at 6:30 am.  Tonight is night two.  Most parents say their kids respond within 3-5 nights.  I bet Ned is extra stubborn. 

I know a lot of parents do the Ferber (increased time) method or some combination of soothing.  But (1) I'm a hardass, (2) I make him CIO for naps without any soothing or checking on him so I couldn't do it differently for nighttime and (3) I prefer to rip off bandaids quickly.  If we came up with some sort of "wait X time" all I'd be doing is watching the clock and might not keep it going.  Clear message to Ned seems the best bet.  Weissbluth and the other authors talk about letting your kids cry to go to sleep but the anecdotes are usually about when the kids first go down.  Going to sleep is not Ned's problem - it is staying asleep.  It is way easier to let your kids cry themselves to sleep at bedtime (sometimes we have to for Penny) than it is to listen to them cry in the middle of the night.  

To help steel my resolve I thought of what I'd write in this blog post, came up for treat ideas to serve at playdates, thought about items on my To Do List.  No wonder I couldn't get back to sleep! 

Ned still seemed to love us when he woke up this morning at 6:30 am.  I wish Penny would stand up for herself and let him know that he should sleep so he doesn't disturb her. 

I feel strong about my decision and know I won't break down.  It's not fair to Ned if I do and he gets mixed messages. I hope I remember that at 3 am tonight.  Husband is behind this 100% so we are keeping each other in bed even if we're not getting much sleep!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Day

Ned and Penny watched their first presidential inauguration on television at my friend Julie's house.  They didn't seem particularly interested - although Penny does love to watch TV!  It was hard to listen to the commentary and speeches while three infants ate, cried, played and finally (after it was all over) slept.  Here they are with Georgie, Julie's little girl who is a few days younger than my kids. 

Watching such a quiet, peaceful transition of power (especially to another political party) makes me appreciate living in the United States. I was a little disturbed by the posters of President Obama - looked a little like those posters I saw in Latin America of dictators. I hope that people realize that just because we have a new president it doesn't mean that terrorist threats are over or that the economy will automatically bounce back. It isn't our government that can fix those things but rather the country collectively (don't get me started on "economic stimulus" packages that both Bush and Obama advocate).  I am thrilled that Americans seem so electrified and hope everyone uses that energy to make changes at a local level. 

In more fun news American Idol is back and my sister does an AWESOME recap. She used to just email it around but thanks to her new love of blogging you can all enjoy. Check her out after each episode.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Very Much Missed

One year ago a dear family friend passed away.  He is greatly missed and the holidays this year were not the same without him.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing Around

The kids are enjoying new toys - well, new to them: exersaucer and jumparoo.  Neither tyke can reach the ground so we have improvised with coffee table books (finally, a use!) and pillows.  Penny doesn't quite understand how to reach for items that aren't directly overhead (on a playmat).  This results in her keeping her hands down inside the contraption and sometimes just trying to eat the toys directly.  And their hands seem to still be the best "go-to" toy - so convenient!

They are also much better at tummy time - still keeping it to 15 mins and no rolling over but much less fussing and they can and do push themselves up on their hands/arms and push on their toes. 

Penny's favorite toy continues to be the elephant that came with our Tiny Love playmat

Ned enjoys "Ringo" (our name) the Hippo On A Ring when Daddy plays with him. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweet Spot

Halfway through Month Four and I feel like we have a good thing going on with the kids.  While they aren't perfect (still not sleeping through the night) they are in a predictable pattern...for now.  I'm not as tired as I have been and I've been enjoying the kids when I'm home all day alone with them - although my back is aching by the end of the day (so much time on the floor)!  Both tykes are generally good natured and happy babies - a cry usually means hungry or tired.  Husband and Ihave been getting along well and I feel like the house chaos is not getting on my nerves as much. 

I'm sure tomorrow this will all get thrown out the window but for now I'm thankful we're in a sweet spot. 

And yes, Penny, you "made [me] smile" all day in that cute outfit. 

Spitting Image?

I was organzing our home office as part of my "get my mind back into work" efforts.  I ran across some photos of Husband that my mother-in-law gave me when I was pregnant. Don't you love the Ohio State one in particular?  Based on the date on the back I think Husband was about 7 months old when it was taken.  Even then Husband wasn't a smiler.  It's like pulling teeth to get him to smile for photos!

Look like anyone else in the Esq. family? 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Red Circle

There is a big red circle around March 3, 2009.  My own personal "D-Day"; the day I return to work.  It's coming so quickly and I have so much to do to get ready (yeah, right, as if that is possible).  I'm not mentally prepared to leave the tykes yet.  Whenever I feel impatient with them I try to remind myself to have fun with them and not stress.  Stress, real "working mom" stress that I've only read about and never experienced is only a 6 weeks away.  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Momma's Tykes

Just taking a break of a few days from posting.  I'm struggling with trying to figure out what is left on my To-Do List before I return to work in a month (answer: Everything).   Also struggling with How This Will Work but that is for another longer post. 

I've been worried that my kids are becoming very clingy to me.  I took them to my dad's office to show them off last week - planned after a nap and coinciding with a feeding to keep them happy (feeding at the office) and it was an Unmitigated Disaster of Epic Proportions.  Screaming from both kids, both wanting Mommy, Esq. at the same time, neither eating a bottle or wanting to be held by Bumpa or Grammie.  In general both kids stare at me quite a lot - often looking up from their playmat or toy.  They look for me when they hear my voice and Penny will sometimes only smile/eat if it is me or Husband near her.  It can be endearing and sometimes a little creepy/frustrating.  

The tykes did a bit better at our playdate today but because I've trained them to nap at home in their cribs we aren't really flexible travelers - and there is not enough time between naps for a good gossip/tip sharing playdate.  Goddess's post on sleep sums up my views on sleep - except we still have to feed them once at night (but never before 2 am).  

A rigid schedule has its ups and downs.  The biggest and best plus is that my kids nap really well.  Not all the time but most of the time.  Sometimes (like this morning) Ned won't nap for more than 45 mins; sometimes Penny is that way.  But usually I get at least 1.5- 2 hr naps twice a day and one 30+ min nap before bed.  I'm big into reading my kids' cues as to when they are tired and putting them down still awake (but drowsy).  The nanny tends to rock them to sleep so we're going to have to train her too!  Another plus is that they are generally happy during awake/play time.  The downside is that I can't run errands with my kids or let them nap on the fly at someone else's house.   Over time I know that will change (when they are down to 1 nap) and since I have Nanny and returning to work soon I don't find it too limiting.  And frankly once a week or so I throw caution to the wind for an outing.  

My uncle (a pediatrician) said you can't underestimate the importance of sleep for kids.  I'm struggling with that since our bedtime is so early (6:30/7 pm) and there is a huge likelihood that most weeknights I won't get home in time to see them or put them to bed - since even if I leave work at 5:30 it might take an hour plus to get home in traffic.  I hope our morning and weekend time together keeps us bonded and the nighttime sleep grows their little brains!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

He May Not Want This in the Baby Book

My friend Lori referred to Ned in one post as "Neddy Bear" - I love it and I've been using it occasionally.  We have lots of terms of endearment for the kids: Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Lump, Little Man, Princess, Crank Monsters, Chunk-a-Monkey - you can figure out which kid gets which nickname.  

Ned has earned a new nickname in the last couple of weeks: "Edmund the Urinator".  He has been peeing right through his diaper, onsie and footsie pajamas at night.  This usually happens when he needs a nighttime feeding (there have been a couple of nights he's only need a pacifier but I'm not talking too much about it for fear of jinxing it).  I don't change their diapers at night because I don't want them to get used to it and he falls asleep quickly while nursing. 

I had read on my moms of twins listserve that you can buy diaper inserts so I decided that I'd be thrifty and use some maxi pads I have kicking around.  It caused about 7 wake ups that night so I guess he can feel the urine more on the pad.  Anyway, I've decided that naked morning feedings are okay (and the extra laundry) since he is sleeping okay with a wet diaper/onsie - despite sleeping on his stomach.  

Think I should tell this story at his wedding? 

I do think Mimi was right - Ned really needed solid food. I realized this when there was a day I couldn't feed him solids after his 11 am feeding and he ate 9 ounces for each of his 11 am and 3 pm feedings.  9 ounces! The bottles don't even go that high!  He's only 4 and 1/2 months old! Clearly he doesn't need the extra calories in all that formula and I heard from my sister that once a kid is eating 40 ounces of formula the child could have problems with kidneys and liver because of too many proteins.

We tried peas this week. Penny always gets a taste or two but we don't feed her very much - more to keep her involved. I also limit how much food based on time (since this is really a game and fun activity) - he's not even eating 1 jar (or homemade equivalent). I do try to get a little extra rice cereal into him before bed and he has been sleeping better [she writes cautiously].

One of my tykes loved peas, the other was not so sure about it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's That I Heard?

I have decided it is impossible to get any "deep" sleep anymore.   

Last night I was waiting for Ned to wake up to eat but trying to get some sleep (I fed Penny at 2 am - one of the only nights she has been up before him).  I hear crying so I get up and go into the nursery.  All is quiet.  I get back into bed and I hear it again.  I go into the nursery.  Nothing.  I look for the cat who cries at night for food - she is resting comfortably on our bed. 

Where is the noise coming from??  Ah...Husband is snoring and making little weezing snores through his nose.  Funny yes, but pillow-over-the-head worthy in the middle of the night. 

I also kept hearing the music from Penny's mobile (not the exact one but close).  It is a great mobile and we play it in the AM to try to keep her calm while she waits 20 mins for her medicine to work - it plays/rotates for 15 mins which is great.   It does not play at night so I have no idea why I kept hearing it. 

Anyway, sucks when you have classical music in mobile form stuck in your head at 3 am.  Even if my kids manage to sleep through the night some day - will I? 

P.S. Ned didn't get up until 6:30 am - but since he cried at 1:30 am when Penny woke up I don't count it as "sleeping through the night".  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gestational Diabetes, The Saga Continues

I developed gestational diabetes while carrying the tykes last summer.  It was my fault for not following the paper that told me what to eat and I paid the price by pricking my finger every couple of hours for a few months.  It was all behind me, or so I thought.  When I was diagnosed I did the research and saw that people with GD often develop diabetes as older adults (but diet controlled as mine was - and I barely failed the test, shame on me for not following the diet...). 

Husband and I started looking for term life insurance (don't get me started as how whole-life is a scam) so that whoever may need to care for the kids if something (God forbid) happened to us would have plenty of money to put them through school, etc.  Of course we haven't actually done the whole guardianship/will (bad, Mommy, Esq!).   Anyway, I was told that based on my "medical history" I would only qualify for the "standard rate" instead of the "premium" (ie, cheaper) rate.  It took a tersely worded letter to the insurance company before I heard back.  Apparently because of my GD they won't insure me for other than the regular rate (triple the premium quote).  

It annoys me because you are more likely to have GD carrying multiples (because of the additional placenta) and I have no other risk factors.  Now we're trying to find another insurance company with a more flexible underwriting.  

Word to the wise for any pregnant women who read my blog - eat a ton of protein the AM of your test(s) and stay away from the carbs.

Solid Food Lessons

Only a few days in (and one new food) and I've learned some valuable lessons:

1.  Try to find bibs that tie/velcro tightly.  We do not have any of these and it results in many "ring-around-the color" of sweet potato mess. Any good infant bib recommendations?

2.  You thought you did a lot of laundry before...

3.  Don't try to use a burp cloth to wipe hands/faces - use wipes.  I'm considering buying stock in Pampers wipes (I used Huggies for a while but they break apart and don't come out of the box as easily).  

4.  You will find remnants of the food on your kids the next day if they aren't bathed.  Yesterday I "found" some left-over sweet potato in Ned's hairline.  

5.  Sometimes what comes out "the other end" looks quite a bit like solid food (ie, sweet potato).

6.  Rice cereal is now only acceptable if mixed with other solid food (ie, sweet potato).

7.  Solid food does not mean your child will sleep through the night - Ned was up about 8 times last night. 

8.  It is very cute when Husband calls the kids his "Little Sweet Potatoes". 

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Tricks

First up, Miss Penelope.  My Sweet P has decided that she likes her thumb even more than her pacifier.  I've seen her sucking her thumb in the middle of the night and now she's doing so during the day.  In the morning I often find a new tiny scratch on her face - despite scrupulously clipping her nails very short (I think it is time to also start filing them).   Of course now Penny's hands are quite slimy all the time! She can't make a fist so her thumb is in her mouth with the fingers fanned out on her cheek.

Ned has a new sound he started making on Sunday morning. I've included a video but the sound quality is a little poor (you need to turn your volume all the way up). Basically he makes his voice quiver at the end of a noise. He really wants to talk to us! I have also thrown in an adorable photo of him in Mimi's hand-knit sweater.  Ned's tongue and hands never stop moving...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tag-In/Tag Out - and FREE GIVEAWAY!

Ned tagged out a couple of weeks ago (probably almost a month ago) and Penny tagged in.  Ned naps well, eats well, is generally happy all the time with easy to read cues.  At the exact same time Penelope has become the fussy baby.  Although she eats better we still have struggles and she is fussy more during playtime, hard to get down for naps and figure out what she wants.  She basically fusses all during the "witching hour".  She also HATES her medicine that we have to give her twice a day and cries and spits it out when we try to give it to her (2 ml) and wants to eat before we can feed her (have to wait 20 mins).  Thanks, kids - but I was hoping for some period of time when you were both happy, easy tykes.  

One thing Penny has decided she does not want is Similac Advance formula.  So I'm giving away 6 bottles of 32 ounce pre-made formula (plus if you want it 1 can of dry formula powder for Similac Advance and 1 32 ounce pre-made Similac Sensitive formula).  

Two requirements: (1) live in MA not too far from Boston (so I can drop off) - 20 mile radius is okay and (2) your grossest kid story posted in the comments section.  I'll announce the winner on Monday night (and figure out how to get in contact in our anonymous blog universe).  

Most of our moments so far involve "poop-plosions" (aka "blowouts") but as the kids grow so will their grossness.  This afternoon Husband got Ned up from his afternoon nap.  Ned likes to snuggle into you when you get him up (he wakes up slowly and slightly grumpy) which is totally sweet (see above for tagging-out).  Husband walked by me and I said - "what is that on your neck? - Looks like a booger?"  Yep - it was Ned's. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Food Advice

Hi, everyone.  I'm looking for advice on two things:  (1) what food (other than rice cereal) to start introducing and (2) when to fit another meal into their schedule (since we are obviously keeping all bottles).   Pediatrician guidelines are cereal 2x per day "accompanying" bottle (not when you do it) and first cereal, then fruits and veggies (no further specifics).  We'll be starting Penny on solids too - but not pushing her too much.  [In case you are wondering she is doing much better - eating 6 ounces in her bottles. I guess she does have acid reflux...]  Ned wants us to "bring it" so we'll start a new food item next week for him.  A list of first few foods and order you introduced them would be good.  I hear that you're supposed to do veggies first. We were thinking zucchini as next food item?  Husband and I are going to try to make our own food to start but we also would like brand jar food recommendations. 

Here is their "schedule" - do people do the solid food before a bottle (say the 11 am one) or after the bottle?: 

7 am wake up (God, wish it was later - sometimes as early as 6:30 am).  We give Penny her first dose of Prilosec before AM feeding. 

9 am (or 8:30 am for Ned) - down for a nap.  Sometimes up by 10:30 am, sometimes sleep until 11 am or later. 

11 am - bottle feeding.   This might be a good time for another meal - just not sure when to do it - before/after?

1 pm (or 12:30 for Penny) - down for a nap.  Awake by 2:30/3 pm.  Another Prilosec dose for Penny before her 3 pm bottle. 

3 pm - bottle feeding.

4:30/5 pm - nap. 

5:30 pm - solid food feeding.

6:30 - bottle feeding and bedtime. 

Yes, still up in the middle of the night - last night was pretty good - a feeding at 3:45 am for Ned and 4 am for Penny.  Poor Penny cried (hungry) during most of Ned's.  

Here is a really good post from How Do You Do It on making baby food and resources for doing so.  I think ours won't be quite this industrial for some time.  Her schedule is also interesting but we won't be up to this amount of food for another month or two. 

Thanks for your advice!

Friday, January 2, 2009

No, It Does Not

...mean that he'll sleep through the night. Wakeup time: 12:22 am. That's about what we figured.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Does This Mean He'll Sleep Through the Night?

Today Ned celebrated the New Year by eating some rice cereal!  1 tbl cereal plus 4 tbl formula = 1 happy baby.  We tried it during the "witching" hour - around 5 pm.  Penny got a spoonful but she's not interested/ready yet.  It made him quite cheerful. 

I was really surprised how much he ate and liked it.  I am glad we didn't wait - we knew he loved food - he was the kid eating the bad frozen milk without complaint.  I've had many posts from certain "anonymous" posters (i.e., Mimi) who swear that rice cereal means he'll sleep through the night.  I'll let you know tomorrow.  He also ate 7 ounces of formula for bedtime (about an hour later) so he is full to the top. 

What is it about spooning food into a kid's mouth that makes you open your own mouth?

Ned was very relaxed after his "'meal" and watched football with his dad: 

Sometimes Penny can't quite make it to her crib before she starts her first nap (her paci says "My Mom Rocks"):

Wearing new outfits from Grammy:

Penny's favorite toy:

Penny wearing Mimi's sweater - this time it stayed on all day