Thursday, January 1, 2009

Does This Mean He'll Sleep Through the Night?

Today Ned celebrated the New Year by eating some rice cereal!  1 tbl cereal plus 4 tbl formula = 1 happy baby.  We tried it during the "witching" hour - around 5 pm.  Penny got a spoonful but she's not interested/ready yet.  It made him quite cheerful. 

I was really surprised how much he ate and liked it.  I am glad we didn't wait - we knew he loved food - he was the kid eating the bad frozen milk without complaint.  I've had many posts from certain "anonymous" posters (i.e., Mimi) who swear that rice cereal means he'll sleep through the night.  I'll let you know tomorrow.  He also ate 7 ounces of formula for bedtime (about an hour later) so he is full to the top. 

What is it about spooning food into a kid's mouth that makes you open your own mouth?

Ned was very relaxed after his "'meal" and watched football with his dad: 

Sometimes Penny can't quite make it to her crib before she starts her first nap (her paci says "My Mom Rocks"):

Wearing new outfits from Grammy:

Penny's favorite toy:

Penny wearing Mimi's sweater - this time it stayed on all day


Anonymous said...

They are adorable!! So cute with the rice cereal too. Happy new year to all of you!

Natalie said...

i'd like to know where grammy picked up ned's Cosby sweater?

Nancy said...

ooooh! FOOOD! Go Ned :)

And right? Seriously - why DO we always open our mouths like that? LOL