Saturday, January 3, 2009

Food Advice

Hi, everyone.  I'm looking for advice on two things:  (1) what food (other than rice cereal) to start introducing and (2) when to fit another meal into their schedule (since we are obviously keeping all bottles).   Pediatrician guidelines are cereal 2x per day "accompanying" bottle (not when you do it) and first cereal, then fruits and veggies (no further specifics).  We'll be starting Penny on solids too - but not pushing her too much.  [In case you are wondering she is doing much better - eating 6 ounces in her bottles. I guess she does have acid reflux...]  Ned wants us to "bring it" so we'll start a new food item next week for him.  A list of first few foods and order you introduced them would be good.  I hear that you're supposed to do veggies first. We were thinking zucchini as next food item?  Husband and I are going to try to make our own food to start but we also would like brand jar food recommendations. 

Here is their "schedule" - do people do the solid food before a bottle (say the 11 am one) or after the bottle?: 

7 am wake up (God, wish it was later - sometimes as early as 6:30 am).  We give Penny her first dose of Prilosec before AM feeding. 

9 am (or 8:30 am for Ned) - down for a nap.  Sometimes up by 10:30 am, sometimes sleep until 11 am or later. 

11 am - bottle feeding.   This might be a good time for another meal - just not sure when to do it - before/after?

1 pm (or 12:30 for Penny) - down for a nap.  Awake by 2:30/3 pm.  Another Prilosec dose for Penny before her 3 pm bottle. 

3 pm - bottle feeding.

4:30/5 pm - nap. 

5:30 pm - solid food feeding.

6:30 - bottle feeding and bedtime. 

Yes, still up in the middle of the night - last night was pretty good - a feeding at 3:45 am for Ned and 4 am for Penny.  Poor Penny cried (hungry) during most of Ned's.  

Here is a really good post from How Do You Do It on making baby food and resources for doing so.  I think ours won't be quite this industrial for some time.  Her schedule is also interesting but we won't be up to this amount of food for another month or two. 

Thanks for your advice!


Anonymous said...

When my kids were little, we introduced solids around 6 months. At that point the pediatrician suggested what was best to start with. It was cereal and fruit first and then yellow/orange vegetables. What has your doctor recommended?

Rebecca said...

This one is a bunch of our thoughts put together from HDYDI: is fantastic and has all the information you're looking for.

LauraC said...

I just read an article recently about how food introduction guidelines have changed, so I have no advice on what to introduce when. My advice:

* Start new foods early in the day. Then if there is a bad reaction, you won't be dealing with crying babies in the middle of the night.

* Get a P fruit (pears, prunes, plums, peaches) in there early to help battle constipation. Formula + rice cereal = constipation so it's helpful to have something to naturally fix the problem.

* Our ped said to avoid carrots for our reflux baby (Nate). Dr google will tell you there is both no evidence and there is some evidence, but three of my friends with reflux babies always had problems with vomiting when eating carrots until they were on solid foods. Nate puked after eating them so we had to carefully read labels on jarred baby food to make sure it did not contain carrots.

Nancy said...

Sweet potatoes!! My kids still love them and they're pretty much the only veggies they'll eat.

I just got the Gerber brand you see at the grocery store (Stage 1 at this point).

Liz Jimenez said...

Ditto what everyone else said. I used the chart on Wholesome Baby as my guideline when the kids started solids at 6 mos, and had no problems. Also, making it was really not hard at all, if you want to try. I would just make a batch on the weekends (like throw 2 or 3 sweet potatoes in the oven and puree and freeze them), and it would last quite a while at first.

I did food *after* the bottle. I gave them the bottle, then waited an hour or so, so that they wouldn't have too full a belly, but also so that they would still have the bottle as the primary nutrition source. I also started with one meal in the morning (when they tended to be in good moods). Once they had the hang of eating, I added a 2nd meal in the mid-to-late afternoon. I added the 3rd meal around 8 months.

krueth said...

Lurker Wendy here with my two cents worth..ha! I would give the bottle first so they have they don't lose that yet, and then give them a bit of cereal, but I would start with fruits first, applesauce, pears, plums. Baby peaches are so soury for them to start with, and make sure you feed them the same food for at least 3 days so you know if they have a reaction to it. I would do the first one in the morning and then second one late afternoon/ early evening. Hope all goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely give the bottle first, as breastmilk/formula is supposed to be the primary source of nutrition until age 1. Until they're 1, they're just experimenting with food, not eating it for nutrition. I was really lax about offering solids at first. If I got around to it twice a day, great. Some days, it just didn't happen. It all worked out fine.

One of the first foods I introduced to both boys was avocado. It's easy to mash with a fork, tasty, and healthy. I introduced veggies, then fruits, then meats to Josh... and to this day he doesn't like meat very much at all. I introduced meat along with veggies to Alex and he is much more of a "carnivore" than his brother. Coincidence? I have no idea.

I found it super easy to make my own food. All you need is a blender and an ice cube tray or two. I would cook the food (except fruits, those I just mashed as I served them and ate the rest myself) and then puree in the blender with a little water. Put the puree into the ice cube tray, cover with saran wrap, and freeze. Then you can put the food cubes into plastic bags in the freezer for convenient little portions.

Anonymous said...

Banana flakes, applesauce, then carrots, squash, sweet potatoes. .and that's from memories 56 years ago! love you, Mimi

Neve said...

As for timing, I feed Neve rice cereal + a fruit or veggie 1/day about 1 hour after her morning feeding. Every once in a while I'll give her a veggie around 5pm inbetween her late afternoon feeding and her last feeding of the day. I read somewhere that it's helpful to start giving solids around the breakfast, lunch and dinner times since that's eventually the times your children will be eating solid foods (makes sense). It's really hard finding a time where Neve is hungry enough to eat the solids and then subsequently hungry enough to have a full feeding of BM after that. That's why I'm not upping the 1 serving of solids/day.

She loves squash, sweet potatoes and apple sauce. She isn't enthusiastic about peas, but she'll still eat them, and carrots didn't agree with her tummy (orange throw up and lots of it), so they are on hold for a while. We also tried oatmeal as a new grain, but with that I also noticed increase spitup, so we're sticking with the rice cereal for now.

Gretchen said...

Okay, I saw in the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog a contraption for making baby food (the Beaba Babycook) and I thought, gosh, is that REALLY necessary. Glad to learn a blender will do things just fine!

After JerseyGirl's comments I'm wondering if my solid food selections had anything to do with making me a vegetarian - like Josh I too never liked meat...hmm...

Good luck and look forward to hearing the results!

Andrew and Connor's Mom said...

Start with cereal first. Then, after about a week or two, start with a single vegetable first. Give them only that veggie and the cereal for a day to two so that if there is a reaction you know which thing it is causing the reaction.

My kids both loved sweet potatoes and peas. Carrots were fine with my kids who both had reflux. With both, I tried two veggies then threw in a fruit. The big fear is that if you give them the sweet fruit first, they will not like the veggies. I would not suggest doing all of the orange veggies/fuits one behind the other. Your child's coloring will begin to be orange.

The big thing is go with your gut.

Don't force any foods on the kids if they do not like them. Just try something different and then reintroduce the unliked food in a week or so. Also, if they have a big distaste for something, dip the spoon in that food then dip the tip of the food in the fruit. Kind of tricking them into eating it, but then they might like it once they get used to it.

As for when to do it, I would give mine a 4 oz bottle and then cereal and then the rest of the bottle if they wanted it at breakfast first. Then, breakfast and dinner. That lasted for a while. Then, once they were ready for less bottles, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Good luck and feel free to email me at I have plenty of experience with reflux babies.

Anonymous said...

K - That book I lent you by "Dr. Dan" had some food guidelines and explanations. See you soon! JR