Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gestational Diabetes, The Saga Continues

I developed gestational diabetes while carrying the tykes last summer.  It was my fault for not following the paper that told me what to eat and I paid the price by pricking my finger every couple of hours for a few months.  It was all behind me, or so I thought.  When I was diagnosed I did the research and saw that people with GD often develop diabetes as older adults (but diet controlled as mine was - and I barely failed the test, shame on me for not following the diet...). 

Husband and I started looking for term life insurance (don't get me started as how whole-life is a scam) so that whoever may need to care for the kids if something (God forbid) happened to us would have plenty of money to put them through school, etc.  Of course we haven't actually done the whole guardianship/will (bad, Mommy, Esq!).   Anyway, I was told that based on my "medical history" I would only qualify for the "standard rate" instead of the "premium" (ie, cheaper) rate.  It took a tersely worded letter to the insurance company before I heard back.  Apparently because of my GD they won't insure me for other than the regular rate (triple the premium quote).  

It annoys me because you are more likely to have GD carrying multiples (because of the additional placenta) and I have no other risk factors.  Now we're trying to find another insurance company with a more flexible underwriting.  

Word to the wise for any pregnant women who read my blog - eat a ton of protein the AM of your test(s) and stay away from the carbs.


Liz Jimenez said...

Oh man, what a pain! That sucks!

We need to do the life insurance thing, too. We did finally do our wills a few months ago, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely shop around, because that is a crock. Good luck!

Nancy said...

That's ridiculous. I'd be soooo pissed.

Ya. Mike and I have to make our wills out still *blush* We do have life insurance least, I'm pretty sure we do *sheepish grin*

Good luck!!!

LauraC said...

Let me tell you what we learned. Don't get life insurance when you are pregnant with multiples! My cholesterol was so high (twice the usual number) that it bumped me into a high risk category. Nice. We shopped around and had YEARS of documented low cholesterol. Nope.

T. said...

First off, I am glad to hear you say how whole life is a scam. I almost sent Husband a question about it a few months ago - our planner was trying to convince us. Complete BS!!

I am not shocked about the term life insurance, sadly. I also no longer qualifed for the cheap rate because of my issues a few years ago. However, our planner has been reapplying every year, and I was finally able to reduce my premium this year. So my advice is to continue shopping around - after two years post-GD diagnosis, I'd hope that it would no longer affect your rate. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I also recently had a "my doctor's not worried about it, why are you?" problem with an insurance company related to an earlier health issue when applying for disability insurance. Shopping around to different companies can definitely work. Also, if you already have a relationship with a particular company or agent (e.g., auto or home insurance or disability/life ins. through work) you/the agent may be able to finesse the issue through the underwriting process.
Good luck!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

That absolutely sucks. Ugh.

As for planning, we did the insurance thing but have yet to do guardianship/wills. It's on my list of things that I know I need to do but have yet to get done.

Rebecca said...

Life insurance is an annoying process. My favorite issue, which bumped me up to the slightly more expensive premium category, was a first degree relative's history of cancer before age 55. Ok, no problem. EXCEPT, it was my dad's prostate cancer. Seriously. I had a long talk with the guy about how I DON'T HAVE A PROSTATE, so I'm at pretty low risk for this. He was not impressed by my argument. Whatever. They really should have marked me up for some other things, which they didn't, so I figure it all comes out in the wash in the end.