Saturday, January 10, 2009

He May Not Want This in the Baby Book

My friend Lori referred to Ned in one post as "Neddy Bear" - I love it and I've been using it occasionally.  We have lots of terms of endearment for the kids: Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Lump, Little Man, Princess, Crank Monsters, Chunk-a-Monkey - you can figure out which kid gets which nickname.  

Ned has earned a new nickname in the last couple of weeks: "Edmund the Urinator".  He has been peeing right through his diaper, onsie and footsie pajamas at night.  This usually happens when he needs a nighttime feeding (there have been a couple of nights he's only need a pacifier but I'm not talking too much about it for fear of jinxing it).  I don't change their diapers at night because I don't want them to get used to it and he falls asleep quickly while nursing. 

I had read on my moms of twins listserve that you can buy diaper inserts so I decided that I'd be thrifty and use some maxi pads I have kicking around.  It caused about 7 wake ups that night so I guess he can feel the urine more on the pad.  Anyway, I've decided that naked morning feedings are okay (and the extra laundry) since he is sleeping okay with a wet diaper/onsie - despite sleeping on his stomach.  

Think I should tell this story at his wedding? 

I do think Mimi was right - Ned really needed solid food. I realized this when there was a day I couldn't feed him solids after his 11 am feeding and he ate 9 ounces for each of his 11 am and 3 pm feedings.  9 ounces! The bottles don't even go that high!  He's only 4 and 1/2 months old! Clearly he doesn't need the extra calories in all that formula and I heard from my sister that once a kid is eating 40 ounces of formula the child could have problems with kidneys and liver because of too many proteins.

We tried peas this week. Penny always gets a taste or two but we don't feed her very much - more to keep her involved. I also limit how much food based on time (since this is really a game and fun activity) - he's not even eating 1 jar (or homemade equivalent). I do try to get a little extra rice cereal into him before bed and he has been sleeping better [she writes cautiously].

One of my tykes loved peas, the other was not so sure about it.


Nancy said...

Oh man - that Ned looks like he's in heaven :)

Gretchen said...

You are too funny!

A. said...

You could try putting him in the next largest size diaper for nighttime only. I've heard that works when they start peeing through at night. Or try a different brand that might shape Ned's body better. We've had good luck with Huggies.

Such cute, messy eaters!! Peas were one of Finn's favorite foods when he was a baby - maybe it's a male thing in our family.

Krissy said...

We had to switch to Huggies Overnight Diapers, and they work great! 12 hours of total pee containment! I think the smallest size starts at 3...not sure though.

Way to eat little Esq's!

Rhonda said...

We always went up a size for overnight when they started leaking at night, even when the next size was way out of their size range by many pounds.

Anonymous said...

I learned that maxi pads are not at all meant to contain pee. If you don't want to go up a size in dipes or switch to overnites, you can try Poise pads.

Looks like Neddy Bear loves those peas!