Monday, January 12, 2009

Momma's Tykes

Just taking a break of a few days from posting.  I'm struggling with trying to figure out what is left on my To-Do List before I return to work in a month (answer: Everything).   Also struggling with How This Will Work but that is for another longer post. 

I've been worried that my kids are becoming very clingy to me.  I took them to my dad's office to show them off last week - planned after a nap and coinciding with a feeding to keep them happy (feeding at the office) and it was an Unmitigated Disaster of Epic Proportions.  Screaming from both kids, both wanting Mommy, Esq. at the same time, neither eating a bottle or wanting to be held by Bumpa or Grammie.  In general both kids stare at me quite a lot - often looking up from their playmat or toy.  They look for me when they hear my voice and Penny will sometimes only smile/eat if it is me or Husband near her.  It can be endearing and sometimes a little creepy/frustrating.  

The tykes did a bit better at our playdate today but because I've trained them to nap at home in their cribs we aren't really flexible travelers - and there is not enough time between naps for a good gossip/tip sharing playdate.  Goddess's post on sleep sums up my views on sleep - except we still have to feed them once at night (but never before 2 am).  

A rigid schedule has its ups and downs.  The biggest and best plus is that my kids nap really well.  Not all the time but most of the time.  Sometimes (like this morning) Ned won't nap for more than 45 mins; sometimes Penny is that way.  But usually I get at least 1.5- 2 hr naps twice a day and one 30+ min nap before bed.  I'm big into reading my kids' cues as to when they are tired and putting them down still awake (but drowsy).  The nanny tends to rock them to sleep so we're going to have to train her too!  Another plus is that they are generally happy during awake/play time.  The downside is that I can't run errands with my kids or let them nap on the fly at someone else's house.   Over time I know that will change (when they are down to 1 nap) and since I have Nanny and returning to work soon I don't find it too limiting.  And frankly once a week or so I throw caution to the wind for an outing.  

My uncle (a pediatrician) said you can't underestimate the importance of sleep for kids.  I'm struggling with that since our bedtime is so early (6:30/7 pm) and there is a huge likelihood that most weeknights I won't get home in time to see them or put them to bed - since even if I leave work at 5:30 it might take an hour plus to get home in traffic.  I hope our morning and weekend time together keeps us bonded and the nighttime sleep grows their little brains!


Liz Jimenez said...

Thanks for the linkage! I think you summed it up perfectly. In some ways, it's limiting. Especially when they still typically do three naps a day. But good sleep is paramount to almost everything else, and I've found it worth any sacrifice in flexibility.

Nancy said...

You'll figure it all out when the time comes :) That's part of parenting!

Our kids go to bed at 7:30 - all three of them - because Mike doesn't get home until 7:00, and it's important to him to see them all. They also all sleep until 7 or 7:30 in the morning (sometimes waking at night for a minute or two still, but we're getting better at that).

Daylight Savings is around the time you go back...that might work in your favor. (I think that goes the right way...right?)

Anonymous said...

In our office some moms have laid down the law and leave at 4:30 (and log in again after kids are asleep). Maybe you can swing something like that? If people know what to expect from you, they usually work around it.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to really think that my b/g twins need better sleep, so I am reading and asking as many questions as I can. They are 3 months now, and still kind of in that "sleep anytime, anywhere" stage. I am already back to work too, so that makes things more difficult. Oy, this Mommy business isn't easy!

Anonymous said...

The sleep thing does get a little easier as they grow into their routines. Right now you don't have the flexibility to nap them at someone else's house, but once they are used to napping at certain intervals and with certain routines, they will do fine in a pack n' play in a quiet bedroom somewhere else. I agree with Goddess, nothing is so important as good sleep. It makes everyone (
including mom & dad) so much happier.