Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing Around

The kids are enjoying new toys - well, new to them: exersaucer and jumparoo.  Neither tyke can reach the ground so we have improvised with coffee table books (finally, a use!) and pillows.  Penny doesn't quite understand how to reach for items that aren't directly overhead (on a playmat).  This results in her keeping her hands down inside the contraption and sometimes just trying to eat the toys directly.  And their hands seem to still be the best "go-to" toy - so convenient!

They are also much better at tummy time - still keeping it to 15 mins and no rolling over but much less fussing and they can and do push themselves up on their hands/arms and push on their toes. 

Penny's favorite toy continues to be the elephant that came with our Tiny Love playmat

Ned enjoys "Ringo" (our name) the Hippo On A Ring when Daddy plays with him. 


Chris said...

Can't wait to try out the jumperoo on Thursday!

Nancy said...

oooh! It's starting to get fun!! :)

Gretchen said...

I can only imagine how cute they are playing! Love the pics!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

Man, that jumperoo. I don't remember anything being that much fun. You probably already do this, but one thing I did to help with reaching for toys was to have him sit in my lap while I dangled a toy in front. His depth perception was pretty awful until recently (and it's still not exactly impressive) but he's all about reaching for the monkey in the jumperoo.

I'm impressed with how well N & P do with tummy time -- Harry has good days but still loathes it much of the time. We've been putting one or another of his music-playing toys in front of him lately which helps to delay the wailing.