Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweet Spot

Halfway through Month Four and I feel like we have a good thing going on with the kids.  While they aren't perfect (still not sleeping through the night) they are in a predictable pattern...for now.  I'm not as tired as I have been and I've been enjoying the kids when I'm home all day alone with them - although my back is aching by the end of the day (so much time on the floor)!  Both tykes are generally good natured and happy babies - a cry usually means hungry or tired.  Husband and Ihave been getting along well and I feel like the house chaos is not getting on my nerves as much. 

I'm sure tomorrow this will all get thrown out the window but for now I'm thankful we're in a sweet spot. 

And yes, Penny, you "made [me] smile" all day in that cute outfit. 


Monica Marino said...

Hooray! I'm glad things are going well for now. They are so adorable.

Nancy said...

yeah!! :)

Made me smile too :)

Anonymous said...

Dad and I really miss the little ones...okay you too! Love, Mom