Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tag-In/Tag Out - and FREE GIVEAWAY!

Ned tagged out a couple of weeks ago (probably almost a month ago) and Penny tagged in.  Ned naps well, eats well, is generally happy all the time with easy to read cues.  At the exact same time Penelope has become the fussy baby.  Although she eats better we still have struggles and she is fussy more during playtime, hard to get down for naps and figure out what she wants.  She basically fusses all during the "witching hour".  She also HATES her medicine that we have to give her twice a day and cries and spits it out when we try to give it to her (2 ml) and wants to eat before we can feed her (have to wait 20 mins).  Thanks, kids - but I was hoping for some period of time when you were both happy, easy tykes.  

One thing Penny has decided she does not want is Similac Advance formula.  So I'm giving away 6 bottles of 32 ounce pre-made formula (plus if you want it 1 can of dry formula powder for Similac Advance and 1 32 ounce pre-made Similac Sensitive formula).  

Two requirements: (1) live in MA not too far from Boston (so I can drop off) - 20 mile radius is okay and (2) your grossest kid story posted in the comments section.  I'll announce the winner on Monday night (and figure out how to get in contact in our anonymous blog universe).  

Most of our moments so far involve "poop-plosions" (aka "blowouts") but as the kids grow so will their grossness.  This afternoon Husband got Ned up from his afternoon nap.  Ned likes to snuggle into you when you get him up (he wakes up slowly and slightly grumpy) which is totally sweet (see above for tagging-out).  Husband walked by me and I said - "what is that on your neck? - Looks like a booger?"  Yep - it was Ned's. 


Anonymous said...

At least they're not both grouchy simultaneously!

We have a lot of "snortie situations" as I call them - DD always has enormous ones up her nose, and then I'm obliged to suck them out, just as DH comes along to say, "Oh, is Mommy being mean again?" Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I can recall an occasion when Josh had to throw up and without thinking I put out my cupped hands and.... ew.

Anonymous said...

During one middle-of-the-night feeding, my darling daughter had a blowout while laying on my lap. Her diaper didn't come close to containing it and she was covered, her PJs were covered, the Boppy pillow was covered and Mommy's PJs were covered. It was the first (and thankfully only) time I had to change *my* outfit due to a baby blowout. The only upshot was that she was only on breastmilk at the time so it didn't stink to high heaven in those days.