Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today we had the kids baptized. Husband and I aren't much of churchgoers but I like the tradition and sense of community. Although I will likely find a church closer to where we live for the kids to attend Sunday School we had them baptized at the same church the Esq. family (on my paternal side) has attend since it was formed back in 1711 (technically the church is related to the Pilgrims and I hear that more witches were put to death in our town than in Salem, MA but I haven't done any research to confirm).

I put together a very detailed itinerary for the day. And I'm happy to report that Ned and Penny did incredibly well. After AM bottles (and man, they got up early!) and a bit of play time I packed them into the car in their PJs. Off to my parents' house (stopping by Dunkin' Donuts for some coffee and munchkins) where I transitioned both kids to naps - and they woke up but fell asleep. We woke them before 10 am to get them dressed.

Then we went off to the church. We offered bottles to keep them happy - Ned ate some but Penny wasn't interested because she was much too busy looking around.

Both kids were very quiet standing in front of the church but our friend Linda told us they each gave a big smile when they were "presented" to the congregation. A member later told me she had never seen such well behaved kids at a baptism before. My kids are such charmers!

Ned may have been a little bored (or, more likely his nap too short) since he decided to snooze in his dad's arms.

Back at my parents' house we had sandwiches and fried chicken (Husband insisted on the chicken). Despite being up before 10 am (and not eating very well) the kids made it in very good spirits until 1 pm before heading down for a nap. Penny's Grandpa Bill kept her entertained while Ned was fascinated by Shane (their uncle, Rachel's husband). Penny curled up with Whisper, my mom's cat.

Here is Ned with Rachel (Husband's sister) and Dan (Husband's best friend), his godparents:

Penny was getting a bit tired when we tried for pictures of her with Andrew (my brother) and Helen (my best friend) - her godparents:

This was the same weekend as my sister Stacey's baby shower so I got some quick time with my sisters. I'm going to try to visit them both after their babies are born but Allie was upset to think she wasn't sure she would see the tykes for some time. Our grand plan is to some day live in the same area but since we are all home owners with jobs we aren't sure how or when that will happen.


Anonymous said...

LOVED the pictures!. . and hearing about the christening. So wish we could have been there, but we were thinking of you all. On another note, South Church was founded by the Puritans, not the Pilgrims. Can't resist a history lesson! lots of love to you all. . .Mimi

H said...

A lovely day...they were so good and so cute:)

Ahem, thanks Mimi. I tried to clarify that Pilgrim/Puritan confusion yesterday, but to no avail. The sacrficing of the witches who were from Andover would've happened in Salem after their trials. (A great kid book that I read this year, The Sacrifice, takes place in Andover and is actually about the author's real ancestors.)

Can't wait to hang out this week!

T. said...

I get them confused too...awful, I know. There's too much stuff in my brain.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Wish we could have come - the tykes are such little hams!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family all around!