Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emergency Info Sheet for Nanny

I'm putting together a sheet on emergency info for our nanny. Full names of the kids, health insurance info, doctor info, allergies (thankfully none so far), medicines, emergency contact (Husband, me, my parents), poison control and fire and police and hospital, where the fire extinguisher and flashlight are. What else am I missing? I'm thinking SSI numbers aren't appropriate if she has health insurance info. The Nanny also has a key and a garage door opener. Eventually (in the next couple of months) we are buying less expensive car seats for her car. Plus Husband works only 15 minutes away and he will be driving the minivan to work.

I'm also putting together a schedule (really more for Husband than Nanny) and a day care type sheet for her to record feedings, etc. so I am completely in the loop. The schedule includes chore info (how to work dishwasher, washing machine).

P.S. Penny surprised me and her by rolling over tonight after the kids' last nap. She was reaching for a toy and was only wearing a diaper. Sorry to my in-laws who spoke with us via Skype about 10 mins before Penny did it - I wish you could have seen it too!

This is a photo of Penny "stretching it out" after a nap when we unswaddle her.


Bessa said...

Maybe driving directions to the pediatrician and nearest hospital. And I have infant CPR instructions taped to my fridge, too.

LauraC said...

Circuit breaker

Water shut-off

Location of fire alarms (and how to reset them)

Maybe list of foods they have tried already?

Medicine dosing

Monica Marino said...

I always posted a cheat sheet for first aid and CPR (infant until they're one, then change it to child) and a few other contact numbers in case they couldn't reach me (grandmothers, neighbors). Also I put 911 in really big bold font so it was very clear that in any emergency babysitter should call 911. My mother-in-law had this idea that perhaps she should drive the baby to the emergency room (without a car seat) in the event of an emergency. Um, no. Please no. Call the professionals.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Monica about the 911 point. I always tell people that if something really really happens, don't call me, don't call anyone, don't mess around -- just call 911.

With your work contact info - maybe also include your secretary's name.

Anonymous said...


Second, in no way tied to emergency info, show her how to work the camera and/or the video recorder so that she can capture any wonderful and/or hillarious moments. I was at a playgroup once and a Nanny was taking pictures of the boy playing and having a good time and now that I'm back to work, I see what a great gift that is to the parents of that child.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on rolling over, Penny!

I never did send you a copy of the daycare sheet. [blush] I need to do that.

Anonymous said...

Penny rolled over? How cute! I'm so excited!