Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Half a Year/Two Times the Fun

The kids are now 6 months old. They are full of surprises and fun every day.

To Penny: Your smile lights up my world. How do you manage to open your eyes so wide and have shiny cheeks? Bottles may not be your thing but talking is - lots of shrieks and trills and gurgles to let me know you are having fun rolling from side to side (but not over...) on the floor. You like to keep four fingers close together as you reach for new toys. You can now put weight on your feet and are starting to sit some on your own. Little Miss Looky-Lou lately - you are always craning your head to see what is going on. I promise not to let you miss any fun.

To Ned: How great is it that you wake up with little shrieks of joy? When you actually talk it is the softest little gurgles that melt my heart. Impatient to eat solid food; you are content to chill in your exersaucer trying to figure out how all the toys work once your belly is full. You reach out for your sister when you hang out together on the floor. Rolling is not your thing but you love to sit up - and sometimes can even do so without any help. Daddy can make you laugh like crazy when he "drops" the fitness ball on you. If you had your way you'd be held all the time and you bribe me with "kisses" to get me to hold you.

I may be going back to work but I will be thinking of you all the time.

Love, Mommy, Esq.


K @ ourboxofrain said...

Happy half-birthday, Penny and Ned!!

Anonymous said...

Georgie says Happy 1/2 to her BFFs!

H said...


Krissy said...

Your post is up!

Feel free to link to HDYDI and give yourself a little publicity!

Thanks again for helping out!

Stacey said...

So cute! I can't believe how quickly time has flown for you with them. Meanwhile, I feel like I've been pregnant for YEARS :-) Can't wait to see them again - hopefully this summer and they can meet their new cousin.

LauraC said...

How can they be six months old already?!? So so cute!