Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Helper/ Nap Question

The nanny has been the most help when it comes to laundry - she's been folding and making sure the kids' clothes get washed. I usually throw some in before she gets here. Sometimes if Ned is up from his AM nap early he helps me.

Question for everyone regarding afternoon naps: The nanny has been having to wake the kids up after they go down for their 1 pm nap to feed them at 3 pm (she gives them until 3:15 pm or 3:20 pm to wake them up). We feed them solids at 4:30 pm but they have been practically falling asleep while eating. She and I discussed letting the kids sleep as long as they want for their afternoon nap and if they need a third nap do one (still around 5 pm) but be okay if they want to skip it - Penny seems to be wanting to miss it but I usually make her go down and she will sleep if I put her down. I'm a little worried they won't be hungry for their bedtime bottles but they have been eating much less in those bottles anyway (Ned sometimes only eats 5 ounces and this is a kid who eats 8.5 ounces in his other bottles). I'm also ammenable to this pushing their bedtime a little later if they keep taking the third nap (lights are currently out at 7 pm). What does everyone think - should I let my kids sleep as long as they want for their afternoon nap or keep waking them up to have them on a 4 hour eating schedule? Interestingly enough they have been eating their 11 am bottles earlier (around 10:30/10:45 am) and eating a ton of solids but I still would have thought they would want to eat again by 3 pm. Oh, and their third nap is still a good 45 mins or longer so I have a hard time imagining they will drop it soon although then they are still ready for bed (cranky although not hungry) at 6:15 pm.

As usual thanks for your advice!


Liz Jimenez said...

I love the pictures of cheery, helpful Ned! Cutest boy.

I would vote for letting them sleep in the afternoon. I'd rather adjust the feeding schedule to accomodate the sleep than the other way around. Unless it gets you into that bothersome limbo-land where the longer nap means they don't want a 3rd nap, but can't make it to bedtime without totally losing it.

LauraC said...

I vote for trying it out one day and seeing how it goes. If it's a disaster, you can always go back to the old schedule.

Don't forget the time change is coming up in a couple of weeks too! We always start preparing for the time change a couple of weeks in advance.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest picture of Ned I've ever seen - Love it! No advice on the nap question, though I'm interested to find out what happens.

Anonymous said...

You may want to take the approach that adjusts the bed time till later. You will appreciate it when you race home to see them after work.

Anonymous said...

I agree to just let it go and see what happens. Though at nearly 6 months, they will be ready to drop that 3rd nap soon. It seems to happen in a hurry, or at least it did with mine, all of a sudden between 6-7 months.

Nicky said...

We never ever wake LL from a nap. It occasionally means that he misses nap #3, but that one is likely going to be phased out soon anyway. We did, however, move up the midday nap, which might be something to consider... if the 1:00 nap is bumping up against the 3:00 feeding, perhaps start the nap at 12:30?

Nicole S. said...

I say let them sleep. I think the food thing is easier to work around than the sleep thing. If you can't get them to eat enough during the day, then maybe you need to go back to waking them but see how it works for a few days.

Anonymous said...

A lot of kids go down at 12:30 for a nap, have you tried that? They might sleep until 3/3:30 and will have gotten a longer stretch and be more awake in the later afternoon. Your kids are such good nappers, I'm suprised that they are still tired in the late afternoon.

If 12:30 doesn't float your boat, I'd say let them sleep, but if they start eating significantly less and/or waking up at night then you know you need to change things.

Nancy said...

I just love those laundry basket pictures :)

Just wait until he's saying "I'm helping mommy!" too cute.

Ya - my vote is to let them sleep...just see what happens.

Good luck!!