Saturday, February 21, 2009

Penny Plays to the Crowd

On Friday I took Penny by herself to see the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist - the same doctor who clipped her tongue.  Penny snorts - all the time.  Like a rhinoceros.  When people spend time with her they all ask - "does she sound like this all the time?!"  Yup.  After having so many visitors remark on it and feeling like our pediatrician wasn't really answering the issue ("She may just have narrow nasal passages") I decided to take her in to see the ENT.  Thank goodness for PPOs!  $20 co-pay later and I have my answer...nothing particularly wrong with her and hopefully she'll just grow out of it.  Her adenoids are on the larger size (a gift from Mommy, Esq. who had the same problem as a little girl but since she also got those eyelashes from my side of the family I hope she won't hold it against me).  The acid reflux is likely aggravating the nasal passages and it is normal that despite the different types of acid reflux drugs we've tried there hasn't been much improvement.  The drugs control acid, not eliminate it.  

The ENT said it is like Penny is eating while having a clothespin on her nose.  Our pediatrician and I also spoke yesterday and we are just going to wait with Penny and not see a GI specialist even though her eating is even worse (if we are lucky we get her to eat 20 ounces a day, usually it is closer to 16 ounces).  I'm just doing what I can not to compare her to Ned in development and/or eating but it is hard.  Husband has also convinced me not to call in an Early Intervention evaluator even though I know her motor skills (primarily use of her hands) is behind that of her peers (and behind Ned).  My sisters and I were probably behind but we eventually caught up - likely it is our gene pool and not because we were preemies that account for the fact we have zero athletic abilities. 

When Penny and I were out together yesterday people kept stopping and admiring Penny.  And man did she play it up - staring with her big eyes and then ducking her head shyly (snorting all the while, of course).  The comments went on to the point I was honestly getting a little worried that if I turned my back on her she might be snatched.  I know she's a pretty girl and at first it was nice to hear so many people remark on it.  But don't give her (or me) a big head!  Let's focus on skill development not baby modelling.  I think if all these strangers had to try to "convince" her to eat 3 ounces at bedtime every night or get up with her at 5:30 am they wouldn't be thinking she was so cute. 

I think Husband hopes that once I go back to work I'll be spending less time fixating on every little thing that could be wrong with my kids.  Ha!


H said...

But of course she plays to the crowd, and I'm glad that you got an assemblance of an answer.

I'm not sure if early intervention would even talk to you yet about motor development. Maybe around a year.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Helen about EI... babies all develop at such different rates. I met a mom at a mommy-and-me class whose first daughter had walked at 10 months, and her second daughter not until 16 months. Just one of those things. Glad the snorting turned out to be nothing though. Get it on tape so you can show her prom date in 16 years that she was a baby Snuffalupagus. ;-)

Krissy said...


I am wondering if you would consider being HDYDI next featured reader...would you mind emailing me your answer? The format would be the same as the one with Mamie and Sadia.


Anonymous said...

Oh she is a little beauty! They both are :) My twin girls were preemies (they just turned 1) and when they were about 3 or 4 months I was stressed out about Lily's development, as it was behind Maddie's. I contacted Early Intervention, filled out mountains of paperwork, had an interview and 2 home visits, only to find out she was exactly where she should be and did not require services. I think fraternal twins just develop at a different pace. I'll bet your adorable daughter just needs a bit more time to catch up.