Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Photo Finish

This is why I rush home to make bedtime whenever I can.

The tykes love to be stripped down for PJs but hate putting on the new onsies, socks and PJs. Both kids like to pull at their socks and Penny manages to pull one of hers (usually the right foot) off every once in a while although these crew socks work much better than any other kinds I've bought. Ned is wearing a 12 month onsie (Circo brand) and Penny is wearing a 6 month onsie (Carter's brand). I had to cut their fingernails on Thursday morning because Ned woke up with a scratch on his nose and I think his hands are twice hers. Husband thinks calling Penny "a peanut" is silly so he uses other nuts randomly. Today it was pistachio.


Susan said...

Oh they are so sweet. And yes, the little guy has quite the weight advantage ;) Penny is so pretty with those eyes. Glad you are adjusting with the new schedule.

ABS said...

I vote for "pignoli" because it sounds like an Italian version of Penny.

(For any of Mommy, Esq's readers who don't know, pignoli is another word for pine nut. The pronunciation is peen-yoh-lee. No, I'm not a phonics geek; I got that straight from

Jen said...

I don't know internet protocol - does one just comment? but it feels rude not to introduce myself at least a little... I have BG twins too - they were due on 8/31 but came on 8/01. your babies are adorable - I love Ned's chunky thighs and Penny's smile. and please keep posting Nanny's play ideas!

Liz Jimenez said...

Oh my goodness, they are just beyond cute. And getting so big!!

M calls Rebecca "nugget." :-)