Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seven Months

The kids turned seven months on Wednesday. We did some chair photos before oatmeal and some couch pictures after getting dressed. The kids are getting very squirmy now that they can sit on their own!

Here's what usually happens when I take their photos together:

Both kids can now sit well but Penny does like to flop back so we keep a bopi behind her. They started eating puffs. Penny actually likes them but you would never know with her expressions.

Ned: Your little coos are so adorable and I love when you reach up and gently play with my necklace. I can't keep up with your clothing needs - for a boy in the 50% you can't fit in 6-9 month clothes any more. You absolutely hate when I wipe your nose and have learned to bat away spoons and bottles when you don't want any more to eat. You refuse to hold your own bottle because it is so much easier if we do it for you but you will for Nanny (see photographic evidence below). There is always something in your mouth - fingers, toys, paper - whatever is "handy". I can't believe how well you reach for toys - even in the bathtub. You like to talk to the wind during afternoon walks. Your pacifier is only useful during story time before naps. Sometimes you try to get on your hands and knees when we do tummy time but apparently rolling is for other kids.

Penny: I would like nothing more than to see you eat like a normal baby but we are learning tricks to keep you fed - who knew a baby could eat that much gruel (aka oatmeal/rice cereal and formula)? Whenever we feed you something other than gruel you are very suspicious. I was tired of your clothes so I brought out the 6-9 month clothing - although they are a little big (as shown below)! You still love your jumparoo but have also learned to sit up on your own. You suck in your lower lip and have the most stubborn expression that Grammie says you inherited from me. Nanny April says you are practicing your vowel sounds and I can't wait to hear them. You always have a big smile for me when I come into the room (or really for whoever comes into the room).


Stacey said...

So adorable! I love the bow in Penny's hair. I wonder how long it actually stayed in? :-)

H said...

I love how Ned has his arm around my goddaughter in the first picture.

Anonymous said...

I love the one where Ned is trying to eat Penny's clothes!

JRowe said...

Penny is a sweet-tempered little girl and Ned is a real cuddler. The duchess sends her best!

Susan said...

So funny...I, too, love the photo of Ned trying to eat Penny's clothes. They look to be adjusting just fine to mom's new schedule.