Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sibling Rivalry: Reach Out and Take What is Yours

The kids have started to try to take toys away from one another. It doesn't matter what Ned is playing with or if Penny has her own toy - she wants his.

This morning Penny was playing with a stuffed rabbit.

Ned swooped in.

Penny wanted it back - don't you love her expression in the last photo?

Thankfully the kids don't throw tantrums or shriek about taken toys (yet). It also doesn't matter if there are other toys within reach - each tyke wants what the other has. I had this grand plan that I would tell each child that the toy the other sibling was playing with was his or her toy until such sibling was done with it. This doesn't seem to work with infants. Husband likes to put a toy between them and see them take it back and forth (because it is funny to see them struggle to get it back) but I don't want to foster animosity. Your words of wisdom or tales of terror are most welcome.


K @ ourboxofrain said...

I have no words of wisdom or tales of terror, but I love the photos :)

Susan said...

Oh my, your husband makes me laugh, typical man way of handling that one - I love the photos as well. I didn't have twins so hard to give advice....but I like your way of thinking ;) Their young, hard to teach sharing yet. I think they will figure it out real soon on their own!!

T. said...

So cute! Penny's sitting up on her own - is that new??

Gretchen said...

Oh she is going to be a little spitfire! Love the expression!

Shelley said...

Mine have become masters of "the trade". If they want something that the other has, they'll look around for the sibling's favorite toy, drop it in front of them, steal the toy that they want, and run. So, at least they aren't leaving their brother/sister empty handed. :-) Seriously though, we do try to make sure that if you have a toy, you get to keep it until you are finished. It doesn't always work, but it's a nice thought. :-)

LauraC said...

Our rule is: until someone complains (cries!) about the toy being taken, we don't intervene. Otherwise I would have spent almost every waking hour from the time they started crawling until NOW intervening.

My fave post on this topic:


(Seriously though, we started enforcing the concept of taking turns when they were 1.)

Liz Jimenez said...

Yeah, my kids do that constantly. It's just that now, they protest. I have tried to teach the concept of "turns," but so far that just means that any time Rebecca has something interesting, Daniel starts chasing her around saying "my turn! my turn!" Except it sounds like "ah tin! ah tin!"


Nancy said...

hehehe cute pictures :)

ya. turns sometimes work. But normally we just hear crying when it's not that kid's turn.

And trading works well too - except in the case of an older sibling trying to trade a crap toy (read: old and broken) for the coveted toy the little guy currently has.

Just wait until you give them each one of the same exact thing ... and they still want what the other one has. That one always boggled my mind ;) I'd take both toys, put them behind my back and juggle them around a bit and hand them back. That worked for a few months LOL