Sunday, March 1, 2009

Their Form of TV

I was talking to a friend of mine about TV for kids recently.  Her 9 month old son enjoys the occasional Baby Einstein video but since they live in Sweden he watches via laptop.  I have heard that Baby Einstein is great for a mom who needs a break.  I'm not opposed to TV for my kids it is just that with the nanny and our routine I haven't been watching TV very much - especially since we stopped needing to do marathon feeding sessions.  

But my kids do like the glow of computer screens and Penny loves it when someone plays Wii in the playroom.  Lately I've been "Skyping" with family members so they can see the kids before I head back to work - usually after their third nap and before bed.  We have a computer hooked up to our family room TV and a camera that I can move around.  The tykes love it!  Craning their necks and making cute sounds you would think we'd never heard of the "witching hour" (trust me, we have).  I hope this gives them the chance to see family across the country and get in a bit of their own form of TV time...our tykes will be surprised when they watch a show that doesn't actually talk back to them. 


Liz Jimenez said...

Cute, cute! My kids seem to really get a kick out of skype-ing with the grandparents.

Krissy said...

My kids favorite "show" BY FAR is watching themselves on the computer. We record video on our camera, so it is very easy to download into the computer. Faith loves the little video clips, and gets very excited to see people and places she knows.

Cloud said...

Hi! I followed you over from Moxie.

We swear by the Signing Time/Baby Signing Time DVDs in our house, although I think we started using them when our daughter was a little older than your babies. Pumpkin wasn't particularly quick to talk, so the signing was a godsend. Now she talks a lot, but still signs some, which is both cute and helpful for deciphering the toddlerese. We're also convinced that she learned some spoken words from those DVDs.

We use TV primarily when we need the distraction- I need to get dinner started after work, or Hubby needs to get her to stop screaming and actually let him put her sunscreen on in the morning. That sort of thing. Now that she's older, we'll also sometimes let her watch her favorite DVDs when she asks.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Its amazing how tech savvy our babies will be as they grow up. I don't think mine will believe me when I tell them there was no internet when I was a kid. They'll think I grew up in the stone ages!

Anonymous said...

Our genius child has now figured out how to turn on the TV at exactly 6.30AM when Teletubbies (the dubbed in Swedish version) comes on....and he is not quite 10 mos old!