Monday, March 16, 2009

Up-To-The-Second Information

Husband is taking care of the kids today since our Nanny is buying a house. Nanny may send texts but Husband sends emails. Husband and I courted via email since we worked in the same office but were quietly dating. I think almost every day we have an email exchange that makes me laugh.

Here is one from this morning for your amusement.

Husband E-mail: "Tummy time now. Need to wear the kids out so they’re ready for nap at 12:30 so I can take a call."

Mommy, Esq.: "Just turn off the monitors and you can't hear them cry. I hope they were up earlish so they'll nap for you - was he up at 10 am and her at 10:30?"

Husband: "Yes. About that. They’re starting to act sleepy now. In the middle of their 'meeting'—they must’ve gotten that from me." [Meeting = when they sit in their bumpos and share toys.]

Mommy, Esq.: "Ha! I can see Ned dozing off in the Bumpo chair like you do. Penny would fight to stay awake like her mommy."

Husband: "He was using Frenchie the Giraffe to rub his eyes."


Nicole S. said...

Awww - I wish I could see picture of them in their litlle "meeting" Too cute :)

Mommy, Esq. said...

I'll try to post a picture tonight - we have a million of them at their "board meetings".

Nancy said...

hehehe cuuuute!

Mike and I email throughout the day too. :) especially on Mondays when he's with the kids. Definitely helps make the day go faster!

Anonymous said...

Uh Oh There's a safety recall on those chairs. Scroll down to the bottom of this recall article to see the link to the recall notice. Kind of a "this coffee is hot" problem.


Anonymous said...

Soon they'll be using their meetings as a way to secretly plot how to overthrow the, uh, management. :-D