Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whole New Legal World

Being back at work is quite different than when I was working last July.

1. No more freebies. Yesterday I went to a training session and there was no lunch. Apparently sandwiches that had been provided at lunches were "going to waste". That was no consolation and I watched everyone else eat their brown bag lunches. Now I have to waste valuable billing time getting lunch before a non-billing training. The cookies were always eaten - at least bring on the cookies!

2. Working hours. I used to be in the office a minimum of 11 hours a day regardless whether I was busy or slow. In at 7:30 am and picked up by Husband at 6:30 pm (when he used to work in the city too). Now I am in the office 7 hours (10 am -5 pm). Since I'm spending time with the kids in the morning I can't just put something off to when it was quiet at 7:30 am and I could get it done. Instead I am doing anything left over for the day after dinner. This will change once I have more active matters but it will really suck when I have to miss bedtime for the first time.

3. Boundaries. I'm setting them. Oh, you want a call at 6 pm - how about 7 pm (when I know the kids will be asleep)? I definitely hate how many calls come in after 4 pm. Can't you call in the morning when I'm NOT busy?

4. Practicing Law Solo. I'm realizing I'm getting to be pretty senior - and so I am able to do more on my own. Thankfully I'm pretty confident in my abilities to handle matters. After dozens of high stress deals and corralling twins I think I can handle most crises (but not all) without feeling like I am going to throw up.

5. Billing. God, I hate accounting for every minute of my day. Maybe that is why I'm already behind on recording my hours. Bad, Mommy, Esq!

6. Job Insecurity. Cutting back on the summer program, staff layoffs, etc. I'm worried about either being laid off or realizing I can't juggle this job and my family and will have to try to find a job in this (legal) economy. Better go work on #5 instead of blogging.


Anonymous said...

What about the cut back on heating and air conditioning, and the fact that a request to have "overtime" heating and air conditioning needs partner approval and a client code. Got to love that one.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to make me miss my job? If so, it's not working! ;) But seriously, I'm sure this (as in, this crappy no-sandwiches-provided economy) too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

Free sandwiches and cookies are virtually the only things that make meetings worthwhile...what a bummer! It's a cold world out there, Mommy. The Duchess says hello to the tykes!

Anonymous said...

Before the first dotcom bust, our firm used to have a stocked pantry of cup of noodle soup. So, when you were working late, you could have a snack to tide you over. They cut the cup of noodles when things got rough, and they never did bring that back in the good times.

Are you giving yourself a lunch break during the day (when not in meetings)? I always did before my maternity leave because I needed the sanity of stepping out of the office for a while. Now I'm weighing whether I need to brown bag it and eat at my desk so I can get home earlier while he's awake.