Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fantastic

Today is the first day of April so I thought I'd talk about the awesomeness that is my Nanny April. Penny certainly agrees since she has started crying when I come home - presumably because she doesn't want April to leave. Sorry, kiddo - you're stuck with me at a couple of hours every day and most weekends.

When I complained to Husband about how Penny prefers April he said "Of course, they spend more time with her." Sensitive, that man has a very sensitive soul.

But he is right and she is way better at playing with them than I am. April throws corn out so the kids can watch the squirrels on our deck. She turns Penny's swaddle blanket into a parachute. Each kid gets a special song before naptime. The tykes play with musical instruments and listen to classical music. They have finger painted. When they are grumpy she puts masks on their faces representing how grumpy they are.

When I am home with the kids I often feel like I am "surviving" and not educating. But I have been stealing some of her ideas like the water play. Since April does so much for us around the house (laundry, dishes, playroom) I can feel absolutely relaxed when I spend time with them in the morning. And that is absolutely priceless.

This is the only photo I have of her - I'll have to take more.

I am going to print out photos of Husband and me to put in the playroom so she can talk about us. Any other suggestions?


Husband said...

I don't want just photos of us in there--I'm thinking life-size cardboard cutouts. Or possibly manikins dressed like us and with custom heads that look like us.

LauraC said...

I feel the same way about our care providers... they have always been MUCH better at caring for the kids than I have. They were all born to take care of kids and it makes me very happy that I get to have my career (where I am happy and fulfilled) and it allows me to pay other professionals to do the thing they were born to do. Everyone wins! I honestly have NO desire to sing songs, do crafts, etc all day every day. It is just not in my genetic makeup.

As for the crying at the end of the day, I've read kids do it because they feel more comfortable being themselves with their parents. When around other people all day, they know they need to be on good behavior so they release that tension and relax around the parents. That's how I justified the boys crying at pick up/drop off for the first two years :) They love me so much they can be as horrible as they want and they know I will still love them.

Anonymous said...

Husband, try this

Krissy said...

I tried finger painting with my kids the other day for the first time...and they are almost 2!

Sounds like you have an exceptional nanny...keep passing along her ideas, because I am not that creative!

A. said...

Agree w/ what Laura said re: crying when you get home. It's totally because the kids are more comfortable with you.

How cute is that mask!?!

Nancy said...

OMG, if I ever lose my nanny, I'm totally nanny snatching ;) LOL

And I agree with LauraC as well. I'm just not cut out for that stuff for hours/days/weeks on end. Minutes? Sure. I can do that. :D

They make baby-type photo books (or blocks even) that you can put your pictures in so the kids can flip through a bunch.

Anonymous said...

I am not that creative a person -- and I'm sure the sleep deprivation is no help. Go April!

JRowe said...

The duchess suggests that April make masks of mom and dad looking grumpy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's a keeper! Great material there. I'll bet the crying has more to do with the transition than anything else. Babies often have such a hard time with transitions- even those that happen everyday. A highly choreographed coming home routine where they know exactly what you're going to do when you come through the door can help. If that doesn't work, all you can do is try and distract them before they open their little mouths :)

Anonymous said...

I love the mask on Ned. Reminds me of when Alex was a such a fussy newborn and Jordan nicknamed him "Crankenstein." Hahahaha