Friday, April 3, 2009

Carolina New

There is green grass and leafy trees here in North Carolina. It seems like a good place to raise a family.

Stacey is doing a great job with Cam. It does seem easier with one baby (where is the chaos and slight panic trying to juggle two) but it is still hard. Stacey has been very calm and Cam is getting the hang of breastfeeding - although it takes an hour and is done every 3 hrs from when she starts. Wait, I did this with two? I must have been crazy.

I'm insanely jealous of her huge nursery. It is easily double the size of our nursery. So much storage that she isn't using a drawer or part of her closet. I already reorganized it to make it more mommy-friendly. For example, Stacey isn't really going to want to hang up all the onsies - wouldn't having them folded in a drawer where Cameron's diaper is changed makes more sense?

I forgot how LITTLE newborns are. I mean I did this just 7 months ago but I feel like I am going to break Cameron when I change her clothes. And she is so squirmy! She is much more alert then my kids were and stays awake during breastfeeding. In fact she was up for almost 2 hours in a row yesterday. It was tough to break the bad news to Stacey but when Cami is up at 6:30 am it is time to start the day - I made it easier by starting the day with them both.

Cameron has shown me who is boss - every time I've changed a dirty diaper she's peed on me and herself necessitating a costume change. We had 3 costume changes yesterday. Who knew that girls could do that?

In some ways being with Cami makes me want to have another (singleton, please!) baby. But I am also reminded how tiring and yes, boring, it is to be with a newborn. Once we got to 4 months and the kids were interactive the days were much more interesting. The early days involve lots of sitting around, trying to nap and drink lots of water and keep the house picked up, changing diapers and clothes and just staring at your beautiful new baby(ies).

Who can resist such a cutie - the hair, the hair! A full head of hair with real length in the back. And fuzzy little ears. And arms like Gollum - always clutching and moving. Skinny little arms and legs that Stacey cutely thinks are "plump" (they will be soon enough).

Penny and Ned are surviving just fine without Mommy, Esq. We did Skype yesterday and Nanny April sent me a photo of them. Just before I left the house at 4 am I checked on the kids and Ned was wide awake so I gave him a quick snuggle and kiss before I left. My in-laws are there to help out but it is killing my mother-in-law that we don't go in when the kids stir for naps/bedtime. Husband said Debi was waiting outside the nursery when they were doing their waking up at 6 am today. Poor Debi - I hope my schedule doesn't drive her too crazy.

Penny also had her appointment with the GI. She has gained 3 ounces in 2 weeks which the doctor was happy about (am I the only one who thinks that is low?). They conferenced me in so I could hear and be a part of the discussion. We have stopped giving her the acid reflux medicine since there has been no improvement. Husband said Penny ate almost nothing this morning so maybe we're wrong but we are giving it a couple of days. Upon recommendation by the GI we have called Early Intervention to have Penny evaluated.


Liz Jimenez said...

Glad to hear things are going well in NC! I'm with you, though... newborns are sweet and cute, but they don't DO much! If I could have another one but just fast-forward to six months, that would be just fine with me. :-)

K @ ourboxofrain said...

It sounds like you're having a fun visit -- enjoy the weather (it's wet and nasty here).

I definitely hear you on the newborn stage -- I feel like I spent those first few weeks living hour to hour rather than doing much of anything. It's not a very rewarding relationship at that point, and is very exhausting, but it also goes by quickly. My six-months-ago-self would be jealous that Cam goes 3 hours between meals -- Harry also took an hour to nurse and wanted to eat every two hours, which was exhausting.

I'm sorry things aren't getting better for Penny more quickly. I can't imagine how worrying it all must be. We're thinking of you and hoping the early intervention evaluation is helpful and reassuring.

JRowe said...

The duchess welcomes baby Cam into the world! What an adorable bitsy bundle and such lovely big eyes. I have to disagree that the newborn stage was boring - I actually enjoyed the zen-ness of it, although frankly, the duchess was kind of a ham from the very beginning, so maybe that made the difference. Many congrats to S.!

LauraC said...

Hope you are getting some of the great weather we've been getting in Raleigh! And how special to spend time with your sister!