Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wait, Only A Year Older?

Monday was my birthday - 32nd if you are counting (I am not). Well, technically it was our birthday since I share it with my triplet sisters. It never gets old wishing them a happy birthday and hear it repeated back. I hope my kids enjoy that too.

I flew back to Boston in time to see the kids before their afternoon nap. Big smiles and then some crying from Penny. They seem so big after spending time with Cami. Penny is no worse for being off her medicine and she has learned to "kiss" - although it is really on her terms.

Last night I put a poof (puff?) on her tray and she picked it up and popped it in her mouth. I was so proud.

Ned has started "crawling". It is hard to describe since it in no way resembles anything the baby books talk about. I will try to get it on video but here is a shot of him making a crawl attempt. He rolls up on his shoulder and lifts his hip on one side. Believe it or not it is effective albeit very slow.

To encourage Penny who hates tummy time we have started her napping on her tummy. She enjoys it but has no interest in crawling. I want to encourage the tykes to start pulling up but our couches are not really good for that - any suggestions on what sorts of items are good for them to use to pull up?

While I was gone there was much toy stealing. As usual my in-laws are completely taken in by the kids - Ned and Penny know how to lay on the charm.

Ned enjoyed some time with Grandma watching a Wild Turkey (!) that visited our deck one morning.

Grandpa spent time with his mini-me - 2nd generation.

Sometimes the kids got along when they weren't stealing toys from one another.

It made me laugh when Husband kept telling me the way he did things and instructing me in his methods. Techniques he thinks work for Penny to eat better. He also moved the swing and a playmat downstairs to our basement. Hey, I wasn't done with those yet! He totally took on the role of Mommy, Esq. while I was away.

Husband was very glad to have me home last night. He was pretty exhausted so I put the kids to bed and made dinner. That's the kind of birthday girl I am. :)


Shelley said...

Ned's crawl looks like Emery's did at first. We called it the "wounded soldier crawl". :-)

Anonymous said...

Your description of Ned's crawling style is exactly the way you first crawled. We may even have a video of it. Mom

The Mommy said...

Hey there,

When S. started pulling up, she did it in a pack and play. It was a little bit softer for the inevitable falls that she took. She also did it in her crib. I think the babes will find something to pull up on when they need it!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday- Woot! Its pretty awesome you're a triplet, I must say. My best friend is a twin and whenever we talk about my little twinnies we end up discussing how sorry we feel for singletons, that they don't have an instant playmate. I myself am not a multiple, but I'm the youngest of 5, so I was never, ever alone.

2 gorgeous (I seriously can't get over how insanely cute your babies are), happy, charming babies must be the best gift ever!

A. said...

It's definitely puff, not poof :-).

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of them being nice to each other!

Anonymous said...

Lurker here. One of the things we did was help build strength in their legs by having them stand on our thighs. Beyond that, they'll pull up when they're ready to. As a pp said, they'll find something they can use!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, did that wild turkey follow you back to your house from the side of the road where we saw them that day????

JRowe said...

The duchess pulls herself up on everything - our hands, large boxes, a wine rack (uh oh). I recommend large plastic tubs that are filled with some ballast so they don't tip over (the tubs, not the tots - the latter will certainly tip over!). G also pulls herself up into her large Moses basket that we use for toys.