Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hallooo, Mommy, Esq., Where are you?

It's been non-stop since leaving for Columbus. Husband is traveling for work and he's doing lots of kid stuff while I'm working on a deal. I should be able to post some Columbus pictures this weekend. We missed the 9 month chair photo since we were traveling but the kids did turn 9 months on Monday so maybe I'll cheat and do chair photos this weekend too.

We met with Early Intervention for Penny's service plan and I was remarking that she hadn't gained ANY skills in the last two months which isn't surprising since she's gained zero weight in that time. Penny must have heard me since I think she was trying to play her favorite game - peak-a-boo - this morning. She kept taking her lovie, covering her face and pulling it down and I would say "peak-a-boo" and she laughed.

We are also beginning the adventure of "Mommy, Hold Me" which is sweet to a working mom but also hard when both kids want to be held but not together and they don't really want to be held but somehow moving around while attached to me. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Both kids are snot factories, possibly teething without teeth and Penny seems to be finally getting fed up with not eating and resulting in a fussier Sweet P.

Draining week but makes me thankful that I have a wonderful partner-in-parenting in Husband but also that this would be easier if one of us had regular hours/no travel. I worry about him getting burnt out on doing bedtime duty/doctor's visits so I line up help for him when I can.


Bessa said...

We're both lawyers, too, and work travel is the worst. You can figure out a daily grind/juggle, but it's so hard when one partner is out of town. Thankfully (for me), my husband just got a job with minimal travel.

With any luck, it'll get easier for you as they get older. Now that ours are 26 months and 8 months, it seems easier to put two to bed. We're even considering allowing our 17 year old babysitter to do it some time. (Ours are daycare kids.)

Hope vacation was nice for you all. Sometimes I feel like vacations are more hassle than they're worth with all the billable catchup when I return... but they're not. They're worth it.

Neve said...

It all seems to pile on at once, doesn't it? Why is that? Hang in there, Mommy Esq. and let's do lunch soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, the "Mommy, hold me" journey has been strewn with injuries for me. Beware the twin shoulder! So sweet- yet so brutal. Sounds like you are busy as heck, but miraculously holding it all together. Keep up the good work :)