Monday, May 18, 2009

Traveling With Twins: Part One - Beg, Borrow and Steal

Husband and I are taking the kids to visit their grandparents this weekend in Ohio. Below is the list I just sent to his mom for her to beg, borrow and steal (and okay, buy, if necessary). Luckily Debi (my mother-in-law) is from a giant family with lots of grandnieces and grandnephews to try to borrow equipment from.

Part Two will be our packing list. Part Three will be the story of how we survived and where I pretend that the other people on the plane did not try to have my screaming kids ejected somewhere over Buffalo. This is riveting stuff, people.

Grandparents to Buy:
  • Two (2) 32 oz cans of Neste Good Start (orange label, note: not Good Start 2) premade formula
  • Two (2) 32 oz bottles of Similac Alimentum (purple label) premade formula
  • One (1) package of wipes (we use Pampers sensitive but anything is fine)
  • One (1) small package of Pampers size 3 (Penny)
  • One (1) small package of Pampers size 4 (Ned)
  • Beechnut Oatmeal for babies – no soy or milk (in red “milk-carton” box)
  • Beechnut Rice Cereal for babies - no soy or milk (in red “milk-carton” box)
  • A few jars of Earth’s Best Stage 2 food – some dinner (meat/veggie mix; 1-2 jars), fruit (3 jars), veggie (1-2 jars)
  • Ned eats pasta, shredded cheese, green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes – most frozen veggies…in fact, almost anything you put in front of him.
Equipment (Beg, Borrow or Steal)
  • Two (2) cribs and mattresses
  • One (1) bouncy chair (if possible) – Penny eats in bouncy chair
  • One (1) or two (2) highchairs
  • Two (2) car seats. If you can only find an infant and a convertible Penny can ride in the infant seat – she’s still small enough.
What did you overpack that you realized really did come in handy? What do you wish you had brought?


Bessa said...

A simple umbrella stroller kind of works as a high chair (except for table foods).

We always pack light and end up making do just fine.

I once forgot a nose bulb and saline in a cold-weather climate, and that was disastrous. Ended up buying both, plus a humidifier to leave at the host's home.

Susan D. said...

We drove for our 1st big trip with our twins, so we packed the car to the top. I did forget outlet covers and my parents house seemed to have outlets at every turn. One thing we bought that turned out great were the Phil and Ted's Me Too high chairs. We used them in restaurants on our trip, at the grandparents, our friend's houses, etc.

Good luck!

Nicole S. said...

Like I mentioned in my post, I would have liked my crib bumpers and maybe even the mobiles - just to make it feel more like their crib at home. I think they got freaked out when they woke up and didn't immediately recognize where they were...

10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

For the plane ride, bring more wipes and diapers and snacks than you'll think that you need - if you get delayed, you don't want to be without any of those things.

And, on a totally different note, can some lawyer establish a rule that it is not necessary to put the numeral in parentheses after spelling the number out? Or vice versa? :)

Chris said...

I'm sure you're going to have a great trip! We've (obviously) only traveled with one, but I found a carrier (in our case, Ergo) to be super, super helpful. I kept Kiera in it the entire time we were in the airport and most of the plane trip (I was traveling without Alex so it was really helpful to have my hands free). If you're not bringing car seats you may want to consider bringing at least one carrier - especially one where N/P could sleep in it while you are sitting on the plane (i.e., not bjorn)...Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So far we've only taken our twins on road trips, but we'll be flying this summer. I have SO MUCH anxiety about this - I'm looking forward to reading about how you handle the plane. We packed light and rented equipment at our destination. I packed a small suitcase of toys and we needed them all.

Monica Marino said...

New and unique toys for the plane. Take them out BEFORE you eject the children.

Their own blankets/stuffed animals/something that smells like their own crib at home. I used to bring Fiona's pack and play sheet and (a bit weird but it worked) put it in her bed with her for a few nights before. Then it smelled like her own bed. Worked wonders.

I think you'd be ok with pack and plays, not cribs, if it's easier for the inlaws.

Definitely outlet covers!

Bath stuff? Soap they're used to (so they don't break out just as you're starting vacation... ugh). Maybe infant Tylenol/Motrin for teething Ned?

And yes, definitely, a carrier. For each kid, of course. I wore Fiona in the airport until she was giant and it's such a help. I wish I could still wear her. Then you can actually manage all the bags, tickets, boarding passes, passports, etc, in your hands and not your mouth.

Carrie said...

Where in Ohio are you going? We're in Columbus, so if you're close, I could help you out with the borrowing once you get here! You can email me at Mommy (at) foxtwins dot com

Neve said...

I've only got one, but we travel down the cape often to the grandparent's house. Here are some things we've done to make the traveling easier:

-- Neve always just uses a pack 'n play when we are down there. Unless you have strong feelings against the pack 'n play, consider just using those for the kids.

-- We have toys permanently down there. If the grandparents can have some toys at their house so you only need to pack a couple for the plane, it'll lighten your load.

-- We also keep bathing necessities down there permanently (namely, the soap and shampoo). Less to transport.

-- We just bought a fisher price high chair/booster seat to keep down there permanently as well. Not too pricey at $22. Ned would definitely be fine in it, and I bet Penny would too.

-- Penny would probably LOVE the Bjorn at the airport and you can be hands free. If you need one, let me know and I'll bring it to work. Neve's way too heavy for ours now (as is Ned, likely).

-- I pack Neve's outfits in freezer bags so that they are organized all weekend long and don't have to piece together outfits and have the "I SWEAR I PACKED THE SHIRT THAT GOES WITH THESE PANTS" moment.

You'll be fine! Don't let strangers on the airplane stress you out. You'll never see them again.

Elle said...

We flew to Florida with my girls when they were four months old. The were fine the first time but on the way back they wouldn't stop crying. I found everyone to be understanding. At first, I was so embarrassed but eventually I couldn't stop laughing. We had both girls in slings and it was wonderful and easy. We are traveling again to Virginia this summer to stay with my mom for one month and I'm so nervous. Looking forward to your list on what to pack:)Don't forget a night light!

Anonymous said...

I second bringing anything that they are used to sleeping with - blankets, loveys, music, noise machines.

Krissy said...

I think everyone has given you wonderful suggestions and you should be all set.

On a random note, when we flew with F & J, they were 9/10 months old and I had F in a front carrier. The flight attendent made me unsnap it for the whole trip and it ended up not being nearly as helpful as I would have liked. They were very weird about it to...still don't understand their reasoning.

Hope it is a great trip!

JRowe said...

Don't forget to bring prepped bottles for the plane - good to quiet the duchess down. Also, why not order stuff from diapers-dot-com and have it sent? That way, you can be sure you have exactly what you need. I did this for my mom's house and now there's extra bibs and utensils and baby wash for the rest of the summer. xo

Anonymous said...

You may not read this in time so I will send it by email...basically it is your (and Husband's -notice I get the whole blog thind- responsibility to make this a okay flite for the rest of the passengers. Your father and I (okay just me because your father can sleep anywhere) have been willing to kill inattentive parents on airplanes. Love, Mom