Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Traveling with Twins: Part Two - Excuse Me, Are You Moving In?

Thanks for all your fabulous advice. I put it to good use in creating the packing list below.

This packing assumes that Husband is with Ned and I'm with Penny and we are not sitting together. The flight is completely booked so we have to hold the kids on our laps and we could not reserve seats (there also may be a rule about number of infants per row since we are on a commuter jet). I'll be interested to see what I end up annotating on this list during the packing and after the trip and will let you all know. Sorry for the formatting below - I'm trying to be more modern on my blog but have zero HTML skills.

Diaper Bag (Mommy, Esq. carryon) – for Penny:

Wallet with insurance cards and ID
2 premade bottles
4 diapers
Wipes – large hospital pack
Extra outfit
2 pacifiers (one with attachment cord)
Toys – 1 stuffed book, rattle
2 cloth bibs
2 burp clothes
Baby Tylenol and Baby Benadryl
Nail clipper
Snot syringe
Food: baggie of puffs and teething biscuits
Changing table travel pad
Penny’s napping blanket made by Mimi

Backpack (Husband carryon) – for Ned:

boarding passes
birth certificates
2 premade bottles
4 diapers
Wipes – large hospital pack
Extra outfit
2 pacifiers (one with attachment cord)
Toys – 1 stuffed book, rattle
2 cloth bibs
2 burp clothes
Camera with extra batteries
Food: baggie of Os
Changing table travel pad
Ned’s napping blanket made by Mimi

Carryon/Gate check:

2 umbrella strollers
2 baby bjorns


Sleep sacks
Socks – 6 pairs total
Shoes – 1 pair each plus Ned’s “babydals”
6 onsies
3 pajamas
8 outfits – at least one nice outfit per kid; put in freezer bags
2 bibs (rinsable)
Sun hats
Barrettes for Penny
4 burp cloths
2 food clean up washcloths
2 bath washcloths (will use Bill and Debi’s towels)
2 crib sheets
Sample size lotion and body wash (J&J)
2 empty bottles per kid
Busy box, stacking rings and small piano (absolute favorite toys)
Penny’s sleeping elephant and taggie blanket
Cell phone charger
Work laptop, cord and mouse
Mommy Esq and Husband books (maybe we’ll have time to read with grandparents around!)

You can also print the list here:

Tomorrow the kids are using my backup daycare for the first time - that list and schedule is also in process. How do people get any work done for clients when there is so much kid stuff to take care of?

For 10lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag: I think there is a rule about when to use word numbers with parenthesis - I used to think it was for numbers 10 and under but it was actually for much higher than that. Husband mocked me too - you guys should join a club. He was the one who added "mattresses" to the list and his mom made fun of him for that.


ElizabethE (also of BigLaw) said...

Monitor? Did I miss it on the list? Or are you not bringing it?

Mommy, Esq. said...

Wonderful suggestion but not bringing it - when they wake up you can hear them and they definitely can sleep through the night.

Monica Marino said...

I don't think you need to pack towels or facecloths. Most people are happy to let you use theirs, even if they're going to get covered with pureed carrot. And it's just annoying to bring them home! I'd pack a few extra Ziplock bags - pack stuff in them or pack them out of their box- because they come in handy for so many reasons- diapers, wipes, food, wet clothes, soap, shampoo, etc.

As far as I know, there are 4 oxygen masks in each row. So you won't be able to sit in the same row, because, due to the number of oxygen masks, you can't have two lap babies in the same row. Which is good and bad, really- you'll feel like a parent of one kid (good!) but like a single parent of one kid (bad).

Good luck! You'll be great, and you'll be so glad you did it.

Monica Marino said...

Car seats? Not on the list?

Monica Marino said...

Oh, sorry, and if at ALL possible, don't try to change any diaper in the airplane bathroom. It's horrific- the changing "table" is the size of a notebook, the child decides that it's time to roll about and then the plane lurches, resulting in you banging around inside the bathroom and trying to restrain the kid on the notebook-sized changing rectangle and also manage the diapers (both dirty and clean) and open the wipes with your teeth. Change them in the airport just before boarding, pray they don't have an explosive diaper, and change them right when you get off the flight.

LauraC said...

My suggestions:

* Extra shirt for each of you in case you get puked on.
* Extra empty bottles, just in case? Not sure if you use powdered formula.
* Plastic bags to store empty bottles, used wipes
* Anti-bacterial travel wipes to wipe down tray table
* We also brought jarred food with disposable spoons, in case someone was really hungry. Fed them in the terminal.

When Jon and I flew with the boys when they were 10 months old, both boys fell asleep on the plane, so Jon and I read the entire flight!!! So maybe bring a magazine in case you get lucky. I was very surprised at how easy air travel was when they are this young.

Anonymous said...

I feel so very honored that 2 of the blankets are making the journey. . .think you have thought of everything (Good Lord, I HOPE SO!) we'll be thinking of you all weekend. . .lots of love, Mimi

Bessa said...

That's a lot of stuff. 4 bibs and 4 burpies, just for the plane! Whew. Don't forget your pack mule (is that Husband?).

When we traveled, we always preferred no stroller and baby bjorns for the airport. You don't have to remove them for security.

CityMarketSally said...

We just flew to Palm Springs and back from Kansas City with a connecting flight with the twins, who were 5 mos. at the time. I took 4 empty bottles per baby and premeasured powdered formula, just bought bottled water at the airport. We needed more bottles than we thought we would, they both wanted a bottle up and down for each flight. Also, definitely large ziploc bags in your carry on for dirty clothes, diapers etc. Katharine puked the moment we sat in our seat for the first flight...she and I both could have used a clean shirt for the rest of the trip. Good luck, it will be great.

CityMarketSally said...

Oh, the four of us were able to sit in the same row for each leg of our trip. Not sure if that is an airline issue or not.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to add on to the house before you arrive? The mattresses came with sheets.

The Mommy said...

I would consider printing two copies of your list - one to annotate when you're traveling and the other one as a check-list when you're coming home. Make sure that everything that you bring with you gets on the list and then when you're packing up to go you'll know that you're not forgetting anything. Seems that it always gets strewn all about the house . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi there.....I have been reading your blog for a few months though....but with 18 month old twin boys I just haven't had time to add the blog though. I will say to make sure you pack an extra shirt for youself....this coming from a mom who was pooped on in the terminal before a 9 hour flight from europe to canada. Trust me you can only scrub your clothes so much in the bathroom.....that day I would have done anything for an extra pair of pants and sweater for myself :)

Gretchen said...

I can't add anything to the list, but I can say that I'm impressed with your technical prowess! Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

As a highly seasoned flying with twins traveler, I would definitely suggest bringing a few more diapers on the plane in case of delays or double loads- you'll be glad you did! Also, are you bringing a change of clothes in the carry on for the babes? I'd recommend that too. There are times I've been on planes and the bathroom line was enormous and I couldn't get in to change the dipe before leakage occurred. Always good to have a backup garment.

The flight crew won't let you guys sit together if the babies are on your laps. It's because in each row there are only enough oxygen masks for the number of seats in the row, plus one. Since twins make plus 2, you're out of luck.

Final tip- I recommend giving them something they can chew on for take off and landing. Cheerios are very popular with my crew :)