Saturday, June 27, 2009

Master Manipulator

One of the unusual added benefits of having a kid in the hospital is that people often volunteer to help and visit and I've been taking lots of people up on it. So thank you, everyone! Husband and I have managed to have dinner every night thanks to people who have offered to watch Ned. (I've also benefited from people bringing me food and visiting to help me entertain Penny). Penny's asleep by the time Husband comes so it gives us a chance to compare notes and catch up generally.

We are both so thankful that Penny's "illness" (or whatever you'd call dropping O2 levels when she sleeps) is clearly temporary or solvable. In fact we would never have known about it if she hadn't been checked in for the GI tests. While challenging, it is really more of a problem solving and inconvenient situation than life threatening. When I see other kids and walk by other rooms I wonder about their situations. The kids in the "clean" rooms - are they going to be okay or is this just precautionary? The families that filter in and out. We've met a few kids in the incredible playroom they have on the floor - one with a body cast (up to his waist) because of a broken femur (6 weeks - poor parents/2 year old) another with asthma. So it doesn't seem so bad on the floor. I don't think any cancer patients are on this floor but my mind and heart races toward them when I think how much worse things could be for Sweet P.

Anyway, back to tonight's installment of sort of weird parental date night (because I mean if you take away the sick kid basically that's what it was). After seeing Penny so feverish and the painful number of times she was "stuck" looking for blood on Friday night I was ready to stick around and just have Aaron bring Ned on Saturday morning. He looked into my eyes and said "Let me take care of my little girl." Heart wrenching, right? And I've been thinking of it ever since. What a wonderful dad and husband, right? Turns out he was manipulating me. He knew it was really rough on Thursday and that I probably needed some decent sleep. So he thought about it and played on my emotions. Damn, he's good. Of course he meant it too, but he's good. As an aside - between working, traveling, swine flu and sick kids it has been nice to reconnect and it reminds me why we are a good team.

I leave this blog post with a few final items:

1. No way we are leaving before Monday as I watch Penny's O2 levels drop to 81 when she rolls away from the "blow-by" oxygen. Thankfully her wonderful GI doc (who called to check in on us and insisted they NOT put back in the IV line which made her very happy) thinks we'll check out (some of the nurses call it The Hotel) regardless on Monday since it looks like this is a chronic condition.

2. We are losing our "private" room. Another kid and family are moving in. We are closer to bathroom/door but they are closer to window. I think I'd prefer window over aisle if I had a choice. Poor family if they are checking in this late at night.

3. Penny can still have fun. Taking a page from our wonderful Nanny April's book I devised a little play time for her. Take a look -

It required a costume change and some new linens but it was totally worth it.


T. said...

Oh, despite the craziness of the last few days, Penny is still her usual adorable self! You've been on my mind, and I have my fingers crossed you'll all get some rest and some answers soon.

JRowe said...

Glad to see that Penny seems to be finding a way to enjoy herself! And getting to watch TV is a fun bonus. The duchess sends love and kisses to all the Mommy Esq family!

Gretchen said...

Good to keep it all in perspective. I can't wait to meet your precious ones! Fingers crossed for a mystery solved very soon.

Anonymous said...

Loved the video. . .makes me feel better to see her that happy. . .we've both been worried and thinking of you all every minute. . .glad Grammy is on her way! Lots of love, Mimi and Papa

Susan said...

Awh....the video is so cute. Hopefully more answers today.

Marti said...

My heart and prayers are with you and your family. I will stop by later in the week. Love, Marti