Friday, June 5, 2009

Wild Thing

We have a Wild Thing visiting.  The Wild Thing roars his terrible roar and gnashes his terrible [snaggle]tooth. 

The Wild Thing roars when he wants to crawl but doesn't know how yet. He roars when he can't quite reach a toy.  He roars when he wants to feed himself faster.  The Wild Thing makes the occasional late night appearance and once Mommy, Esq. and Husband realized it wasn't illness or teething they decided to ignore the Wild Thing. 

Don't worry, Wild Thing, even if you roar your terrible roars and gnash your terrible tooth we "love you best of all".

So, how long can we expect the Wild Thing to visit before he jumps over this 9 month developmental leap? 


ABS said...

Is the roaring better than the whining? It sounds preferable ;-)

LauraC said...

Cute pic in the basket!

I'm still waiting for Wild Thing (Nate) to leave our house. Yesterday he was crazy after school. CRAZY.

Nicole S. said...

I'm a little bit amazed at your playroom set up. When did you do that? I feel like we are a bit stingy in the toy department...I'm going to have to take some notes from you!
Love Ned's hair, btw.

Anonymous said...

Go Ned! Love your recent pics- those munchkins are getting cuter by the day, I'm convinced of it.