Friday, July 17, 2009


Ned has been grumpy this morning. Seemed like he wanted to use the computer, so I figured I'd let him do a guest post. Here's Ned's first-ever blog post:

NHzajhj y gx xasq cxcdxcd

z sammnakjab

Then Penny wanted to blog tf oo cxxzk
t tp://]
]\ >"

Eh, I've seen better posts.


Jordan said...

Penny is definitely the more advanced of the two. She already knows how to cut and paste URLs.

Nicole S. said...

Sadly, I've seen much, much worse posts...

Anonymous said...

Unless Penny is trying to learn how to drive reallly fast and get away with it, she should be browsing a better class of websites. The print 'Dispatch' is valuable mostly for wrapping ads for ease of delivery - not sure that the online version has any value.

Husband said...

No, I certainly wouldn't vouch for the quality of the Dispatch. But the whole story about the cops being pulled over for going 150 mph on motorcycles was pretty good. I'm glad Penny pointed it out to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're twinnies are more sophisticated and computer ready than mine. I gave Lulu a chance to type on the keyboard and she immediately tore off the caps lock key. NICE WORK, HUH? Luckily, we got it back on, but it was not easy. Weeks later I dared to give Mumu a go. She immediately picked up the keyboard like King Kong and chucked it on the floor, breaking the charger where it attached to the side. Again, NICE work. From your post I can only conclude that your children are bound for web journalism excellence, whereas mine as bound for....hmmm...perhaps juvie?

Jen said...

Funny that you were reading an article from the Dispatch (I live in Columbus), particularly because I hadn't read it and one of the officers is an old friend of my husbands. Such a small world!
Anyway, thank you for all of your posts on Penny. My daughter is a little younger has just recently 'fallen off the charts' too and it's reassuring to see Penny doing so well despite her size!