Monday, July 20, 2009

Playroom Bully

We've had several sets of visitors over the past week and kids with fevers (and the snot monster is back) so I can't put up a real post today. I did want to ask moms out there what they have done with "playroom bullies". Ned can crawl and pull up and cruise around and his favorite place to be is in Penny's face. She tries to push him away but he's much bigger than she is. Any advice?


LauraC said...

Redirect and move. That's about all you can do when they are that young! Before Nate could crawl, we would put him in a PNP to give him a break from Alex.

Alex was always all up in Nate's face as soon as he could crawl. Still is today, but our rule is if Nate cries then Alex has to stop or else go to time out.

Nancy said...

As hard as it may be, perhaps let it play out? I *REALLY* wish we had interfered much less than we did...still playing referee today :( I'm TRYING to not go rushing in when Logan squawks at Burke or's SO TOUGH!!

Good luck with it :)

Anonymous said...

It's a tough call. Lulu has always been much smaller than Mumu and I used to worry about her being bullied. I'd constantly try to break it up. Now I see that Lulu gets her own back without my help, so I don't break it up unless there's hitting.

Hope Ned and Penny feel better soon!

Krissy said...

Jonathan always physically dominated Faith, but she learned to outwit him very quickly. From the time that she could sit unassisted, she was crafty. If Faith had a toy Jonathan wanted, he would just take it. So, Faith would pick up a different toy, act very interested, and when J snatched that one, he would drop the original toy and she would quietly and quickly win the match of brains vs brawn.

No advice here, except to say, unless she is getting really pummeled, I bet Ms Penny will figure out a way to balance things out.

PS Faith also is my biter because her teeth are very sharp and it gives her the upper hand when Jonathan gets too rough. Tricky to discipline on that one! "Faith, you are in trouble because you bit your brother when he was laying on top of you smothering you. Sorry, dear, you have to use other means of protecting yourself-next time, try pulling his hair." See what I mean?

J and J Mama said...

We struggle with this one too. James has always been smaller than Jack, but he's the bully of the 2 since he could move around first. Jack became a biter since he could get a quick reaction to whatever bad behavior his brother was doing. We tried redirection and separate play areas for when they were fighting, but they would scream when they were apart.

The best thing we have done is learn which toys usually cause the issue and get another one of them so that way they have the exact same thing. This doesn't solve it, but it helps with a lot of it. The other thing we do when possible is sit on the floor with them since they don't fight as much if we're right there. And when I leave the room I try to let them fight it out on their own. Sometimes this is okay sometimes is a disaster, but eventually they will have to figure out how to solve their own problems.

Just Kristen said...

We are like Rachel! The less dominant one learned to bite when his brother gets on his nerves. Buying two of the same thing wasn't part of my plan but it does help...a little. When things are really bad, we put them on opposite sides of a fence. They spend 90% of time at the fence together but if one wanted to get away, he could!
You going to the cope tonight?