Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Spontaneity

Like most infant twin families we are on a Schedule. The Schedule is sacrosanct - especially when one of the kids naps on oxygen. But the kids are napping a little less (more on that to come) so we feel like we have a few hours here and there to Do Things. According to Husband, Mommy, Esq. can overschedule that free time but we have had some spontaneous moments.

Last Sunday the kids were cracking up over a video Husband was showing them of monkeys eating poop. Since we had an as-of-yet unused family membership to the Stone Zoo we said "let's go there!" The kids lasted about an hour and a half - perfect for the rather small zoo. The more active animals were interesting - like the flamingos - but the kids pretty much just sat in their stroller and Ned drank an entire straw sippy cup of water. Maybe inspired by the camel-like Zebu?

And last night Husband moved their highchairs to the back strip of lawn and the kids dined al fresco.


What A Card said...

Looks like a wonderful day! And isn't that zoo perfect for the little ones? It's a little boring to me as an adult, but still at almost 4, it's just the right size for my boys! The Franklin Park zoo is still just a touch too big...more of an EVENT than just an outing, if you know what I mean.

Flamingos are still my boys' favorite. They still call them Flamin-min-gos or Flamin-glows. I don't know why they love them so STINKS near them! :)

Stacey said...

Did the open air inspire Penny to eat new foods?

Nicole S. said...

We did al fresco dining once - wasn't as enjoyable as I hoped it would be. They're still a bit vampire-ish in that they pretty much hate sunshine.

LauraC said...

I love the al fresco dining! Cute pics!

Susan D. said...

We have a small science center with animals & I've been debating if they are old enough. It may be the time to go. We've also been a fan of the al fresco baths given in their little baby pool. So easy & no clean up!

Nancy said...

OH we love that zoo. It's the perfect size :) The kids can't get too far away. ;) And with the membership, you don't feel so bad going for a just few hours at a time.

Love the out door dining!