Friday, August 21, 2009

Manly Expectations

Check out my guest post at How Do You Do It and leave a comment there. I actually think Ned is quite manly -

He enjoys controlling the remote:

Getting his drink on:

Playing with cars:

And sometimes acts like a dog:

So what if he whines and complains - sounds like most men I know!


Jen said...

totally manly! I'm going to post over at HDYDI, but I had to comment here too - is that a straw cup? I've wanted to introduce straw cups myself, but have let others scare me off. do you have any strategies to share for teaching them how to use it?

Ned & Penny are so adorable!

Julia said...

twin momma, my babies taught themselves to use a straw while I wasn't paying attention! I had Isabel in the sling, she was about 7mo, bought myself coconut water and was sipping from the straw. When I turned to do sth else, she started playing with the straw, while I held it in place. I just started feeling the cold in my fingers and saw she was drinking it! I tried it with her sister and it worked wonders too.