Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pick Me Up

All week I felt like today should be Friday. I'm annoyed it is not. So here is a little pick me up for everyone. The ballpit has become a favorite again - Penny sits inside or just on the outside and carefully selects and throws balls. The nanny told me that the other day Ned was crawling around the room fetching them and bringing them back.

I've been asked a few times why it seems like I post more photos of Ned than Penny. In part I feel like I spend so much time on this blog talking about Penny that I need to make it up to Ned. I also hate, hate all the photos of her with Duoderm. It is a constant reminder that we still haven't solved so many of her medical and feeding issues.

Drat, this was supposed to be uplifting!


The Mommy said...

Love the ball pit! Where did you get it? We need some new toys . ..

Nicole S. said...

I think once the weather gets cool again we will bring the kiddie pool inside and do a ball pit.

And Penny is still supa dupa cute, Duoderm (sp?) or not :)

H said...

the picture is edible, duoderm and all - and I can atest to how excellent she is at "sharing" the balls:)

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I kinda like the duoderm. Reminds me of war paint, and Penny is nothing if not a little fighter!!!

LauraC said...

This post was from when I was gone and I'm catching up.

At the time, it was really hard to take all those pics of Alex in his helmet. It just made me sad to see them, sad to think about everything he had to go through (NOTHING compared to Penny) but now I am so so so glad we have those pics. I just see his happy smile through it all and it makes me realize that it never really phased him. He was always still Alex, just with the crazy helmet.