Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yes, This Was Me (and Them)

I'm not normally a blogger who follows "days" - but with the hot, hot New England weather suffocating us I am reminded of last August. Last August I made my husband get us central air and I put myself on 2 weeks bedrest to ready the nursery.

So, in honor of "WayBack Wednesday" hosted by Cheryl here is a photo of me last August - just a week or so before the kids were born after we finally put together the nursery. Yes, the bottle of booze was Husband's idea.

I think this photo was posted here but I've never managed to put back in the 6 MONTHS of photos I accidentally deleted on my blog.


Cristal said...

Hey, your husband and mine must share a similar sense of humor! :) I have a pic of me looking very much the same way. Gotta love twins. Thanks for sharing and happy WBW!

Shelley said...

Awww. You look so cute. I looked like a miserable, bloated, whale at that point!

JRowe said...

I remember going out to dinner on the "last weekend" and we were both so huge...and pretty hungry, as I recall. Great photo!

Christina said...

What a great picture!!! You do look super cute!

Cheryl Lage said...

LOVE this SOOOO much! (Before I ever contemplated pregnancy, one Halloween I went out as a pregger lady with a 40 oz of Schlitz and a cigarette for LOTS of bad eye shadow.)

As people drank more, I got LOTS of slurred "You really shouldn't drink or smoke..."

This picture is AWESOME!!! Twin pregnancy and bottle wielding become you. Glad you played along...and good luck in the contest!

Nancy said...

hehehe too funny :)