Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Countdown Clock

I was going to title this post Monday Meandering or Monday Musings but then I realized it was Tuesday.

1. We saw signs for a million yard sales in Maine and I really don't get them. In my mind all they do is transfer crap from one house to another. Theme sales - all baby stuff or something are fine, but the yard sales we saw were more along the lines of "look, here is all the crap I've accumulated for the last 10 years and don't want to keep around any more so give me $5". I'm really anti-clutter so it probably affects my point of view. If I can I donate to charity and the rest we throw away.

2. Husband and I have been up 12+ times a night for what feels like weeks with a Little Lady who will not keep a nasal cannula in or an O2 mask (that we aren't supposed to be using) on her face. After a THREE MINUTE (no joke) meeting with Penny's ENT (I mean, come on, can't we do this crap by phone instead of taking 1/2 a day off work and dragging her into Boston) - her adenoidectomy has been scheduled for Monday, September 21. Since we don't have a time yet I am counting down to bedtime.

3. After spending time considering what food he ate that could possibly result in the rash on Ned's hands and feet our Nanny pointed out he has hand, foot and mouth disease. Husband and I were all "d'oh!".* You know Penny is going to get it. I refuse to bring him to the doctors - it's a virus and there is nothing they can do about it other than charge me a $20 co-pay.

*There was going to be this awesome pic to illustrate but it has crashed my computer 4 times.


LauraC said...

YAY for a surgery date! Finally!

N&A had a really bad case of HFM. They actually got it twice. The first time was so mild that their bodies did not build enough of an immunity to it. Awesome. Didn't even know that could happen with viruses.

The second time was horrific. They were screaming from the sores in their mouths. The only two things I got from our ped were:

1. Use tylenol instead of motrin for the pain, since motrin aggravates the mouth sores
2. You can use liquid maalaox before meals to help with the mouth pain, but you need to call to get dosing.

Nicole S. said...

Hand foot and mouth disease sounds so 16th century to me - I feel like an idiot that I didn't know it was still around. Feel better, Ned!

TanyaMom23 said...

I remember getting my adenoids out, along with tonsils. It wasn't too bad and my mom was thrilled to stay w. me during my stay... it was like a break for her! Back then it was a 4 day hospital stay.

The boys that I used to Nanny for got very mild cases of hand, foot and moth disease, hopefully Ned's will be mild and Penny won't get it, especially not when her procedure is scheduled!

Anonymous said...

Hooray on the countdown! Boo on the HFM.

As for the garage sale, I totally see the value. It's not merely transfering clutter if you have gotten the use out of something and someone else is without. It's one less thing that has to be made from scratch out of limited resources. It's also not always convenient to haul something away to donate. This way, you get to enjoy it, and then someone else does the work of giving it a better home and they give you a lil' something for your trouble.

But I'm with you, eliminating clutter starts with mindful consumption so you don't have to worry about the end-life of the product.