Monday, September 28, 2009

New Stroller: Review of Chicco Twin Trevi

I had been contemplating buying a twin umbrella stroller for months. Just for those occasions when one parent or the nanny needs to take both kids on an errand or a play group. Our Bob stroller is great - but it is heavy and a bit unweildy to get in and out of the car. The Bob is more for walking/parks then for malls/stores. I went to the Baby Furniture Warehouse in Reading and impulsively bought the cheapest stroller they had - a Chicco Twin Trevi (for $180 with sales tax- stupid increased sales tax, "temporary" my ass).

We tested the new stroller out last night at the Burlington Mall with a stop for dinner at Legal Seafood's where the kids didn't eat any fish or nicely grilled veggies but did gobble up french fries (sigh).

1. Maneuverability. Very good - the front wheels can be locked or freely swivel. Perfect for running the kids in circles when their daddy is off trying on Gap clothes and they are cranky. It also fits through doorways and elevators much, much more easily than the Bob. That is the primary reason why I got the new stroller.

2. Collapsible. Also very good. I had the guy in the store show me twice and it is no problem. You can't do it with one hand but hey, my kids can wait in their car seats while I set it up and put it away. And it folds small enough that it fits next to the captain chair in the middle seat instead of in the way back.

3. Seats. Narrow. Ned and Penny were able to play tug of war on Ned's lovey (which he thought was hysterical). But they "sit up" very well - I like a less reclined seat so they can see more. It also reclines at least 45 degrees (I didn't put it all the way back so it may recline further) if you like that feature.

4. Handles. I would have preferred one handle but a double collapsible umbrella stroller with one handle for cheap is pretty much impossible to find. The height is not adjustable but it is fine for my husband (5' 10'') and me (5' 3'').

5. Storage. It is even better than the Bob. One basket under each kid and very easy to get to for shopping bags or diaper bags. And there is an adult cupholder!

6. Sun/rain cover. This will mostly be an indoor stroller so we didn't even attach it but they looked pretty deep and were individual (which I don't really care about).

7. Straps. This is the feature I actively dislike about the stroller and not one I thought to "try out" in the store. The straps themselves are fine - they seem comfortable enough - but it is a pain to actually snap the straps into the harness. I had to move the fabric cover off the harness point to more easily snap them into place. They are also tough to unsnap. If anyone has handy tricks how to deal with this flaw I'd appreciate it.

8. Durability. The fabric seems durable and only time will tell about the wheels, but I don't expect to be out in the woods or non-pavement surfaces with this stroller so I think it will do just fine.

While I do not want to have buyer's remorse I'd still be interested in hearing what umbrella/store strollers you like.


CityMarketSally said...

We have the Maclaren Twin Techno. It is great:
Maneuvers well, has good storage, folds up tightly, good weather protection, it came with quilted foot covers, but it is a little heavy. We live in an urban area with cobblestone and brick sidewalks and I'm looking for a jog/trail stroller. Would you suggest the Bob?

jerseygirl77 said...

I have a Chicco Savvy Soho, and I have generally been happy with it. It's super light (something like 8 lbs) and it folds and stores easily. It feels well-made, for an umbrella stroller. The only complaints I have about it is that the storage basket is small, and the seat does not recline as far as I would like. Although the latter is sort of moot, because neither of the boys ever slept in the stroller. I'm guessing Becca probably won't either.

Anonymous said...

Doubt you remember (duh! way too young) but we had an umbrella stroller for you and your sister...most likely never intended for 3 but what the hell...and it didn't cost a ton because we didn't have any $$

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